Exercise to Prevent Back Pain


backstrengtheningexercises It is estimated that eighty percent of all Americans will struggle with back pain at some point during their life. In most situations, we find that once back pain is experienced the individual is far more likely to deal with regular bouts of pain. 

What most of us don’t know is the reason why back pain occurs.  It is generally caused by a general weakness in the muscles. When the muscles are weak, it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to strain or pull them.

Climbing a flight of stairs with a bag of groceries balanced on your hip can be all it takes to strain a weak back muscle.

Exercise is a great way to both relieve your back pain and prevent future back pain.  Before you start exercising you should consult with either a chiropractor or physician. Have them examine your spine and make sure that there is no medical reason why you shouldn’t be exercising.

Back Strengthening Exercises

If you are prone to lower back pain, you should include some exercises designed to strengthen your lower back in your daily exercise routine. Exercises that are great for your lower back include the bridge, the plank, the wall squat, the side plank, and leg lifts.

When you are doing these exercises it is very important that you breathe deeply and evenly. You should keep yourself well hydrated.

Many personal trainers recommend that you cough before you start exercising your back to activate your abdomen muscles and make your back exercises more effective.

Start Slow

When you are exercising you should start slowly, and gradually work your way up to a more intense workout.

Strengthen Your Core

One of the things that yoga does is develop your core strength. The stronger your core is the less likely you will be to suffer from back pain. In addition to increasing your core strength and eradicating lower back pain, many people have noticed that they are considerably more relaxed after a yoga session.

Warm Up

Make sure that you stretch before you start doing any exercises that are designed to strengthen the muscles in your lower back. If you don’t stretch before working out your muscles will be stiff and prone to pulls and tears.

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