Exercise Tips: Stretching for Runners

Stretching for Runners

If you follow a workout program that includes running, you should know that it is important to stretch before beginning your exercises.

Stretching is essential in order to avoid any muscle tension and you will increase muscle flexibility. But, you can also get injured while stretching. So, you should have a 10 minute walk, then do your stretching and only after that you are ready for running.

It is also important that you stretch, after you run as well. This will avoid any muscle pain or injury. Stretching is also easier after the workout program, because the muscles are warm and you will avoid any injuries.

You should pay attention to all the muscles while stretching. Every leg muscle from your hips to your feet needs to be properly stretched. If you don’t feel that your muscles are loose then you can ask for help. You can ask other runners or a gym instructor. You can even find various stretching exercises online.

Also there are few tips that you need to check out, before starting a stretching program.

Never stretch cold muscles, because injuries can occur. Walk a little first or do some mild stretches. Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds and don’t force your muscles. Don’t stretch the muscles to the point you feel pain; this activity should relax your muscles. Take your time and make slow moves. If you stretch too quickly, you can cause injuries by suddenly contracting the muscles. Remember that you only need about 10 minutes of stretching; don’t tire your muscles with this activity.

Here are some basic stretching exercises that can be easily included in your workout program. With your legs almost straight, try to touch your toes with your fingertips. Hold this position for about 30 seconds. Put your leg on a log or bench and try to reach your toes. Hold this position for about 30 seconds. Hold your leg with your hand behind you. Pull upwards for about 30 seconds.

These are only a few stretching exercises. Feel free to look for more and use the ones that you feel are best for relaxing your muscles. It doesn’t matter, which stretching exercise you choose as long as you do it correctly.