Exercise For Relaxation

It may sound a little crazy for someone to tell you to exercise in order to relax but, believe it or not, it works. There are certain stretching exercises that you can do to release muscle tension or to even do for your cool down after a workout.

The backs of your thighs can get sore and tired after sitting all day long. They can also feel as though they have been put through a marathon after a hard workout. Stand straight with your feet close together, place your hands on your thighs and stretch your right leg out in front of you. Keep your back straight for good posture and balance, lean forward at the hips over the leg and hold for ten seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

To stretch out the front of your thighs you will first need to find a chair. Placing your hands on the back of the chair, stand straight with your knees together and bending at the knee, raise your left leg. Grasp your ankle with your left hand and stretch. Remember to always tighten your stomach muscles and your butt.

For your chest you simply want to stand straight with your feet parted so they are lined up with your shoulders. Place your hands behind your back, clasp your hands together and slowly lift your arms up. Always keep your elbows a little bent and do not lean forward.

You will also need to stretch out your butt, upper and lower back and your neck and shoulders.  It is important to make sure that you stretch out each and every muscle that you have worked out in your exercise routine. Even you have not worked out and you are using these stretches to help you relax or stay in control, you need to keep proper form.

By following these stretches, you will feel as though you have better control of your relaxation and be in better control of yourself. Your body and your family and friends will probably thank you for exercising and stretching as well.

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