Exercise for Double Chin


doublechinexercise If you are overweight and have a lot of fat stored inside your body, there are chances that you have a double chin.

There are cases wherein the double chin has been inherited but these are rare. One of the most common areas where fat is stored on your body is your chin.

If you have too much of body fat, then it will get stored in your chin thereby causing a double chin.

For eliminating your double chin, it is necessary for you to follow proper diet and exercise regimen. In addition, there are specific exercises that reduce the double chin.

1.    Lower jaw exercise – Keep your mouth wide open, bring the lower jaw to the front; push the jaw upwards so that your teeth (bottom) come above the upper lip. Redo this exercise 10 to 15 times in one session and repeat this session 3 to 4 times daily. Increase the repetitions without straining your jaw. After completing this exercise, slap below your jaw with moderate force.

2.    Palm exercise – Place your palm on your forehead or temple; press hard for a period of 10 seconds and at the same time, resist the force with your neck and head. You will feel the pressure on your chin and neck. Do this by keeping your palm on the rear of the head; the same has to be done on each of the ears.

3.    Raised chin exercise – with chin raised, open and shut your mouth as though you are chewing.

4.    Armless chair exercise – Sit on an armless chair and keep your hands on both sides; hold beneath the chair. Push your head to the back and open and shut your mouth alternately by pushing the chin to the front while closing your mouth.

5.    Pressure on your larynx – Keep your chin pointing upwards. Press the indentation formed by the larynx upper nodules with your middle and index fingers. Press the back teeth and press the tongue tip on the inside lower front teeth. Hold for 6 seconds and release. Repeat four times.

6.    Smack the chin – smack the underside of your chin using the back of your hand. Increase the speed slowly. Do it twice or thrice a day.

7.    Work the platysma muscles – The platysma muscles help in pulling down the mouth corners which pulls the jawbone.
If you practice the above exercises on a regular basis and follow a proper diet plan, you should be able to eliminate a double chin.

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