Excessive Use Of Mobile Phone And Its Effect On Health


Recently the lifestyle has pushed the people to use of mobile phones even more than its necessity. Some people earn a living through mobile phones. For everybody mobile phones play a different role from showing off, to fashion and mostly a device for communication. Throughout the world the use of mobile telephones has increased, accordingly the health concerns too. Mobile phones use the electromagnetic radiation which proves harmful to human health.

Health risks due to use of mobile phones
Cancer and benign tumour of the auditory nerves are major health hazards.

Thermal effects
Most of the radiation exerted from mobile phones is received by the head and it increases the temperature of the head. The brain has a capacity to control it by local blood floe. But the corneas of the eye dose not have this functioning which can cause cataract in duration of three hour exposure to mobile phone radiations. It may not be permanent cataract but it is harmful.

Non thermal effects
The normal cellular response in the increase of temperature changes due to the radiations of mobile phones.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity
Some users who use mobile handsets said they felt during and after use of mobile phones symptoms of burning and tingling sensations near the head. Reports come of even fatigue, disturbances in sleep, dizziness loss of attention and memory loss. Stress is another problem that occurs along with headaches, increase in heart palpitation and bad stomach.

Preventive measures to be taken
People should use hands free to reduce the radiation directly entering to the head.
The mobile phones should be kept away from the body as far as possible.
Without using external antennae one should not use mobile phone in a car.
Be within the range of normal use of mobile phones, do not use it for a longer time.

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