Eggs are good for you – but what about the calories?


Eggs It’s been a long time favorite – chicken eggs are here to stay. They have been popular with people since before the dawn of civilisation. We have had a very long time to figure out the facts when it comes to eggs. Are they good for you – are they bad for you? Let’s discuss chicken eggs and what part they can play in a healthy diet.

So, you might have heard this before, but eggs have plenty of energy. They have a good amount of calories too. The average calorie count for a fried egg is actually ninety two. This is one of the most common methods of egg preparation. It tastes great and is full of goodness.

However, there is a problem with the amount of oil that needs to be used while frying. If you get yourself a non stick pan, this isn’t really such a concern.

You only need a dot of oil, or no oil at all if you like, when you use a non stick pan. If you simply boil and egg, it will only have a calorie count of seventy six.

If you’re looking for a good source of protein – eggs are what you need. They’re easy to add to many different meals. You don’t have to eat eggs on their own, or hard boiled all the time. You can add them to many different types of salad.

You can add eggs to your fried meat, try frying some tomato too. It tastes great and adds some variety to your regular fried meals. Eggs have many different uses. They really are versatile.

The protein that you find in eggs is essential to your body for adding to muscle. If you want to get in shape and put on big muscles – you should eat plenty of eggs. Just be sure you don’t overdo it. Eggs are also full of a lot of vitamins that your body needs.

The only problem with eggs is the cholesterol. If you are having problems with a high cholesterol count, you should really only be having the white part of the egg. That’s right, I’m sorry to say this but the egg yellow is the part with the bad cholesterol. If you want to cut down on cholesterol, cut out on egg yellow.

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