Effects of alcohol on the body


Alcohol is central nervous system depressant. The effect of alcohol on the body is directly proportional to the concentration of alcohol in the blood. When alcohol is consumed it passes from stomach to small intestines, where it is rapidly absorbed into blood. Because it is distributed so quickly in the body, even small amount of alcohol has effect on the body and nervous system. As the concentration of alcohol in the blood increases the person’s stimuli to decreases.

The effects of alcohol on the body becomes deadly if alcohol is consumed in large quanity.Alcohol has very good affinity with water so it is absorbed in all body tissues and fluids which contain water. Healthy people are able to metabolize alcohol at a good rate. The rate of alcohol elimination is high if the blood alcohol concentration is very high or very low. The rate of alcohol elimination declines with growing age.
It is a rule of thumb that the less you weigh the more alcohol will affect your body, so ideally for two individuals who have same body type but different weights, the one with lighter weight will have higher concentration of alcohol in his blood. The concentration of blood alcohol also depends on how much each individual is able to metabolize alcohol. When food is consumed with alcohol, it has less effect on your body as alcohol is less absorbed by blood, as alcohol is largely absorbed by the small intestine and when food is also consumed with alcohol the indigestion slows down the absorption of alcohol into ones system.

Alcohol consumption becomes dangerous for body if you are under medication, so one must always consult your doctor, as some compounds present in medicines react with alcohol causing deadly effects on human body. Alcohol is also harmful for ladies who breast feed their children , because some part of alcohol is also eliminated from breast milk also.

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