3 Effective Tips To Remove Burn Marks On Skin

Remove Burn Marks On Skin

Remove Burn Marks On Skin

We all pant after smooth, flawless and blemish free skin. But it is not always in our hands. Various accidents, scratches, scrapes etc leave ugly reminders on our skin surface from time to time resulting in scars.

Burn marks caused by cooking accidents and different scalds, also mar the beauty, but thankfully burn impressions are not indelible. Various methods may be used to remove these marks, endowing the skin with perfection once again.


This is like cleaning the slate to start afresh. Exfoliating agents remove the dark, spotted, scarred and variously marked superficial skin to expose the inner blemish free surface. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion and various other methods are readily available to provide the desired effects, however if the marks are not too deep, homemade exfoliators are a better choice. When used over a period of time these natural exfoliating agents naturally clear away the marks to reveal a perfect blemish free surface.


Lemon which is a natural acid used in combination with honey and milk gives a great scrubbing effect. Same is the case with oatmeal, brown sugar, baking soda etc. However, it is important to remember that homemade exfoliation requires regular application to get the desired benefits also, application of proper moisturizers is crucial after each usage.

Homemade Applications To Remove Burn Marks On Skin

Lemon juice, tomato juice or pulp, almond or coconut oil all of these help to remove the burn marks and quite quickly too. This is how they are used. Immediately after getting the burn mark wash it with cold water and apply a cool washcloth to the area for several hours.

Lemon juice

Apply fresh tomato pulp or lemon juice to the area using a soaked piece of soft cloth. Or you may also gently apply almond or coconut oil which not only helps to tone your skin giving it a firmer and smoother appearance but also helps to remove the ugly marks.

Soaked fenugreek seed paste, margosa leaf extract, honey, and fuller’s earth paste in water are all very much effective in removing the burn marks.


Aloe vera is a great product to remove the burn marks. You may directly use the plant extract taken from its leaf and apply on the affected surface. Otherwise regular application of aloe vera gel bought over the counter also helps to develop smoother healthy looking skin. Best results are obtained when aloe vera juice is applied on the skin directly after the scalding has occurred.

Aloe vera

Vitamin E is great for your skin. It repairs the surface; keeps skin moist and hydrated thus prevents irritation and itching, and helps to remove the ungainly burn marks.

Vitamin E creams may be directly applied on the skin surface, alternately you may also buy oil capsules which are opened directly on the skin surface and the oil is poured on the marks. It gradually fades scars through regular use. Triple antiseptic ointment can also be applied which prevents secondary infections like inflammations and also hasten the healing process helping the marks to fade out quickly.

Vitamin E

Serious burns specially if occurring to the vital and delicate parts of the skin need immediate proper medical attention.


  • Marlen Jenny

    I bought dermalmd scar treatment serum for my cousin whose hand had a burned scar. After 20 days used, she told me that this serum really works and the projection of the scar has become smooth and the scar is fading. Highly recommend.