Effective Tips To Increase Muscle Tone

Tips To Increase Muscle Tone

Tips To Increase Muscle Tone Achieving a lean and toned physique is the dream of every individual; however, there are very few who actually achieve this goal. Achieving this goal is not extremely tough, but needs to be executed properly. Several factors play a crucial role in building a lean and toned physique. Given below is a list of tips that are helpful in building muscle tone.

Tips To Increase Muscle Tone


Diet plays a very decisive role in building muscle tone. It is important that you increase the amount of lean protein in your diet. Consume foods such as lean beef, chicken breast, eggs, legumes and fish as they are low-fat sources of protein. Protein helps in building strength and tone of the muscles.

It is recommended that you take around 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight to increase muscle tone. In addition to increasing protein intake, it is important that you decrease the amount of saturated fats and refined sugar in your diet, due to the fact that they increase the amount of fatty tissue in the body.

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Instead of refined sugars, consume foods with complex carbohydrates  as they are digested slowly and provide you with a consistent supply of energy. Instead of saturated fats, you should include foods containing unsaturated fats in your diet, as they are beneficial in increasing fat loss and muscle tone.

Workout Plan

It is important that you include the right kind of exercises in your regimen to increase muscle tone. For increasing muscle tone, it is highly recommended that you perform weight-training exercises using a rep range of 12-15. The best exercises for increasing muscle tone are shoulder presses, barbell curl, dumbbell pullovers, lateral raises, lying tricep extension, squats, lunges and deadlifts.

These exercises are extremely beneficial in adding thickness as well as striations to the muscle. Avoid using too much weight while performing these exercises. It is recommended that you lift approximately 50 per cent of your one rep max. You should also limit the rest time to 30-40 seconds between each set.

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If you are short on time or want to add some intensity to your workouts, you could also perform these exercises in the form of a giant set i.e. you could perform one set of the first exercise, followed by the second and so on, without any rest. After you finish one set of each exercise, you could rest for one or two minutes followed by another giant set.

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If you begin to feel dizzy during your workout, stop immediately and inform your physician. In addition to weight training, it is recommended that you include cardio exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming and running, as they help in burning fat and promoting muscle tone.


While it is important to train intensely, it is also imperative that you get enough rest. If you do not rest your body enough, it will eventually result in overtraining, which detrimental to achieving muscle tone. It is recommended that you sleep for at least seven to eight hours at night for promoting muscle recovery.