Effective Herbs For Weight Loss

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Herbs For Weight Loss In today’s fast paced lives, it has become difficult to resort to an active life style. Sedentary lifestyle, clubbed with poor eating plans have jeopardized our health more than before. It is due to this that people are opting for weight loss plans, which will get them back in shape in a jiffy. However, many people, in their quest of losing weight, forget the most important element. And it is the maintaining and strengthening the basic metabolism of the body.

Crash diets and fad weight loss options, might be doing well, as in reducing pounds, but wreak havoc with the metabolism. Hence, it is imperial to stick to weight loss plans that are herbal, accompanied by little or no side effects. It’s important to incorporate effective herbs that will enhance the body’s strength, while assisting in weight loss all the while. Let’s get into a few essential herbs and their properties, which aid in weight loss.

Herbs for Weight Loss


Although the herb has been known in aiding cough and cold in the area of Ayurvedic medicine, a very few people know of its properties in weight loss. Studies have shown that it is effective in reducing body fat and body mass. In fact, if Licorice oil is consumed, to the tune of 900 mg per day, for about 8 weeks at a stretch, then it shows effective weight loss results. The herb is contributes by lowering the bad cholesterol or LDL in the body, adding to the weight loss process. All those people, who crave for sweet, can resort to this herb as an artificial sweetener. It contains 50 times more sweetness than conventional sugar, making it a suitable sweetening agent during herbal weight loss program.


Try and consume the herb either in your daily cup of tea or simply in a medicinal capsule form. However, much before you embark on Licorice, don’t forget to get a prescribed dose from your doctor as the herb, if taken in large doses, can produce serious side effects.

Holy basil

Commonly known as ‘Tulsi’, this herb is known to treat cold. Indians swear by this herb for making teas and herbal concoctions for health. However, very few use it for weight loss purposes. The holy basil is known to lower the cortisol levels in the body, which contributes to weight gain and stress in people. The herb, when consumed in right amounts, will assist in weight loss, while building body immunity and reducing blood glucose levels.


Rich in omega 3 acids, the grain is often prescribed to people who are into weight loss programs. The seed has a coating of mucilage, which when come in contact with water swells up.


When eaten in swollen form, they increase the bulk in your stomach, giving a feeling of fullness. This prevents one from overeating, keeping the weight in check. The seeds should be soaked whole and consumed in the morning or afternoons.


The herb rids the stomach of its acidic juices and facilitates a healthy digestive system. The herb cleanses the digestive system by purging the food lodged inside, thereby reducing the acidity levels in the stomach. Since the excess lodged foods can contribute in weight gain, the herb can be an effective repellant against so. Consuming it in food preparations and while brewing tea can be a good way of consuming it. Drinking ginger water, post meals can also be an effective.


To fight against body fat, it’s important to add herbs that will either regulate the blood sugar levels or combat the cholesterol levels. What if there is an herb battling both? Well, the answer to that is cinnamon.


The herb, often an important spice in Indian cuisine, is easily available and can be incorporated for weight loss. The herb regulates both the glucose levels and cholesterol in blood, making it an effective weight loss ingredient.

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Ginseng capsules are readily available in stores. This is an effective medicinal herb to fight weight loss. The herb has dual action. It helps in increasing the body stamina by fighting fatigue. Therefore, the body feels energetic to perform activities easily. And while the body remains active, the herb aids in lowering the blood glucose levels and thereby, reduces weight.

Green Tea

Green tea has become the new fashion statement for the weight watchers. Green tea and several herbal teas are making a huge craze owing to its weight loss properties.

Green tea

Green tea is known to hasten the body’s metabolic rate, therefore, assisting in faster calorie burning process and reducing weight. However, it’s advisable to have this green tea at least 3-4 times in a day, without milk and sugar. It should be preferably taken in empty stomach in the morning and half an hour post a meal.

Aloe Vera

It is rightly known as the miracle plant. This herb helps in cleansing the system and getting rid of the toxic build in the body. Therefore, upping the energy levels, making you active and thereby, helping you lose weight. Aloe Vera can be consumed either in the form of juice, about 100 ml in an empty stomach, or diluted in water to taste a little less bitter.

Psyllium Laxative

Although, this herb is known as a natural laxative or stomach cleaner, it also indirectly adds in weight loss. The laxative is taken from the plant ‘plantago ovata’. When it is taken at night or in an empty stomach in the morning, it builds mass in the stomach owing to its mucilage content. Being a soluble fiber, it helps to push to the toxins or waste out of the body and clear the digestive tract. Apart from making one stay fuller for a longer time, it also helps in pushing hunger cravings. In addition, it also helps in lowering the body cholesterol, thereby keeping a check on body weight. It is also given to diabetic people, in order to keep their blood sugar levels in check.

With regular usage, these herbs will keep the body’s metabolic system healthy and active for a longer period of time. After all weight loss should be all about staying slim, trim and fit.