Eat To Increase Your Breast Size

Eat To Increase Your Breast Size

 Increase Your Breast Size

Now, before we get started, the title of this article, “Eat to Increase Your Breast Size” may be a bit misleading. Yes, you can eat to make your breasts grow but that doesn’t mean that you can eat what you want. Give this article a read and we’ll teach you what you need to eat to increase your breast size.

Many small-breasted women wish that they could have larger breasts but they figure that the breasts they have are theirs forever. Don’t settle for less! If you have small breasts, the truth is that you can help them grow and it’s really not as hard or complicated as you may think. In fact, it’s not even going to cost you a dime! To increase your breast size you are going to have to understand how your body works.

Women produce a hormone called estrogen. It is a naturally produced hormone that makes us women womanly. The amount of estrogen a woman produces during her puberty will determine the size of her breasts. Estrogen is also responsible for giving us our menses. If you exited puberty with small breasts, don’t feel sad. You can increase their size by increasing your estrogen levels.

Increasing Your Estrogen Levels

The reason I am explaining how a woman’s body works is because you need to understand what estrogen can do for you if you want to increase your cup size. Estrogen is a “magic formula” that signals your brain to turn on the growing power in your breasts.

It usually kicks in around the age of 13 in girls and stops in the late teens. Unfortunately, some women’s brains tell their breasts to stop growing prematurely and as a result, the women are left with small, albeit perky breasts.

If small breasts are a problem for you, you can fix the problem easily. All you need to do is increase the amount of estrogen in your body to the amount that you had when you were going through puberty. You can raise your estrogen levels by eating foods that are rich in estrogen and are known to produce estrogen naturally. This will once again tell your brain that it’s time for your breasts to grow.

Eating foods That Are Rich In Estrogen

It’s easy to find estrogen. Foods such as flax seeds, oranges and soy products are rich in estrogen. You can also get estrogen from herbs like sage and rosemary. By increasing your estrogen levels, you can look forward to an increase of up to two cup sizes!


  • This is the great information you shared with us. Some other thoughts…
    Estrogenic foods can help you get faster results if you take them together with other natural breast enhancing methods. Among the popular foods that can help you enhance breast size naturally are soybeans, barley, rye, wheat and dairy products. There are many supplements and creams available now to aid in breast enlargement. Many of these supplements also contain soy and many other natural herbs which are harmless to the body. Always see your regular medical doctor (GP) and tell them about supplements and creams you are taking or thinking of taking.