Eat healthy and be a money saver


Everybody wants to eat healthy and enjoy the food. But that can stretch the economy and with health you can hardly compromise. This is for the people who are not interested in going for a diet and want to watch their weight and keep the budget minimized with a healthy diet.

Make a budget: it can be done weekly or monthly. Decide how much you can afford to spend on food per week. Next step is to make a list of items you need like low fat milk, whole grain bread, fruits, and vegetables and if possible cut a little bit on meat.

Control impulse purchasing: always carry the list of the things you need to buy. Do not shop on impulse.

Bring your own food: people are used to spend on eating out. Stopping at vending machines are very natural. It can save $70 per month if you can make the effort to pack your food from home with a thermos full coffee.

Shop on sale: if you buy on sale or discounts it cuts your costs and it will save the cost of going for shopping every week. Buy meat in sale in a large amount and store in freezes which will last long. At that time you can share the food items with others without thinking about the expenses.

Get freezer and buy canned food: if fresh items seem too expensive you can buy frozen or canned food as alternatives. You can find various good food items of your favourite brands in your nearest grocery store.

Be a good selector of food: go for the food which tastes good, is healthy and inexpensive. Beans are a rich source of fibre. They are also better and cheaper source of protein than meat. Beans can be used in salads, soups and it tastes great in tortillas. Look for the recopies which will make your food equally tasty and healthy.

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