Drink Tea to Reduce Your Weight


Studies have proven that green tea has a number of health benefits, though some health experts are skeptical about the utility of green tea. Here are some more details of Green Tea’s virtues. 

If your black tea contains some benefits as per scientific studies, it is now proven that the green tea shares all these benefits with black tea, and in fact green tea is preferable to black tea because it is more fresh. Studies have proven that tea can reduce the heart risks by 50% apart from resisting plaque developing on your teeth.

A cup of tea can help burn more calories when compared to a caffeine tablet, as the body needs to cool itself after the steaming tea is introduced into it, which means spending energy. Tea is known to burn calories more than what it brings in. This helps you to reduce your weight if you continue to sufficiently drink tea.

It is widely believed, though it sounds strange that tea is supposed to change your hair color, if you can consume sufficient number of cups. It is believed that black tea can darken your hair while green tea helps to make hair reddish. Though unbelievable, many women say that they have got their hair color changed through this method.

Whether it helps you change the color of your hair or not, which news has to be received with lots of skepticism, it is left to your wise counsel whether to believe in the effects of green tea or not. Green tea is also prescribed as a cancer cure, apart from many other serious conditions like arthritis, heart ailments, HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

Though these are tall claims, if it really works, we can take any number of cups of Green Tea. However, one thing is certain about Green Tea. It can kill free radicals in the body, it can certainly build muscle layers while destroying the fat on it, and thus it can help reduce your body weight. When there are so many benefits which have been proven, why should you think about baseless allegations or platitudes put forth about Green Tea?