Drink Plenty Of Water To Reduce Weight

Include Plenty Of Water

As we are well aware that water constitutes about 70% of our body weight. This is why it is very important that we replenish lost water in our body.

However, drinking water can also help in losing weight. At the superficial level, both of these phenomena might not seem to be related but they are actually, interdependent.

You should drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. This way you will keep your body hydrated. Apart from this your metabolism will also be kept in perfect order if you maintain this perfect habit. In fact, studies have shown that drinking water spiked with lemon can help a lot in keeping the metabolism in perfect working order.

Also, hunger and thirst are related to the same areas of brain’s perception. It is quite easy for the body to misunderstand the signals of thirst and hunger. In such a case, sever thirst might trigger a reaction where we eat more to satisfy our craving. This will obviously add to our weight. Drinking water can help us to counter attack this phenomena.

When you feel hungry, always start by drinking at least 1 or 2 glasses of water. This way you will reduce the amount of food that you eat and keep your weight checked easily. Drinking water will keep you feeling full and the craving for food will subside easily.Drinking cold water can help you to burn more calories.

This is because your body will need to bring up your body temperature for the ice water. As a result, you will increase your metabolism and burn more calories than usual. It might be slight but when the changes add up over a year, you will find that just drinking 2 glasses of cold ice water everyday has helped you to loose significant body weight over the year.

Foods with lower water content are more likely to leave you craving for water. Sometimes you just misinterpret the signal and start eating more food but this time you eat stuff that has water content. The result is you eat twice the amount that your body needs. If you drink water before every meal, you will slow down and ultimately stop the cycle of overeating.

In absence of water, people try to quench their thirst with aerated drinks and juices. These are laden with sugar and are sure to increase your weight. Water remains your best choice to loose and maintain weight.