Drink milk to stay fit

We all know that milk is good for our health. It’s a balanced diet and contains all the necessary nutrition. Yes of course Vitamin C is absent. However, do make it a point to drink toned milk since it doesn’t contain much fat. Consuming a glass of milk can really make one healthy and fit. Thus, milk is considered to be whole some diet itself.

One can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases if milk is consumed everyday. It has every thing that our body requires. The various components of minerals and vitamins are found in milk. Children are advised to take a glass of milk every day and before going for the bad to keep them healthy and also to faster their growth. It also fights away many minor health problems.

The recent study has also found that drinking milk can also enhance the kidney functions for all adults. Regarding the (ACR) Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio which is suppose to be pointing to wards the malfunctioning of the kidney. You should drink milk to keep away all kidney related problems.
People who make it a habit to drink milk everyday are away from risk factor at least by 37 percent from poor kidney functions. You must have seen that kidney is directly related to heart and if the risk of kidney problem is less then lesser will be your heart problem. You can be away from heart problems like heart attacks and other heart related problems.

As the dieticians suggest that we should have atleast three glasses of toned milk everyday to meet the body’s requirements. Milk is also high in calcium and it is one of the most important components of body functioning. Calcium is very much needed for our body performance. Without which we sometimes come across with skin ailments, brittle bone and gum problems.

Thus to ensure a healthy kidney function and other body related problems we should drink milk. It is essential for the children’s growth as it is already mentioned in the above line.

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