Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Water is same if you try to differentiate between hot and cold water. However, life is all bout learning good things. So why not try out hot water too. Probably it must have something good to offer to our healthy health. As such drinking cold water doesn’t have any bad impact either.

Nevertheless let’s venture out what is there in drinking hot water. It has been found that hot water improves blood circulation. If you add honey and lemon, it makes the taste tastier and also it boost your body immunity.

Honey and Lemon

It is proven that too much cold water can stimulate your kidney problems. So replace it with hot water, it makes thing easier. Your body mechanism reacts in a positive way. Try to drink different bottles of water and see how your body responds to it. Take the closer to your heart which means, that do not create any problem.

Try To Drink Different Bottles

Try to drink at least extra pint of hot water if you are going to perform physical work or exercise. It is the perfect gourd to your body. Increase your drinking water in a day at least drink 8 glasses. It will purify your body and also improve to remove that unwanted materials from the body.

Drinking Water in a Day at least Drink 8 Glasses

Make it a habit to drink a glass of water as soon as you get up; it restores lost moisture while sleeping you must have lost it. Drinking a mug of hot water with a lemon before breakfast is the perfect solution to cleanse your system. This will count your daily requirement of water.

Drinking a Mug of Hot Water with a Lemon

Try to offer someone a drink of hot water or an herbal tea. Hot water makes your digestive system work smoothly. Try to drink a glass of hot water in the morning before taking anything. This may help you retain good skin. This is also advised to those weight or figure conscious people because it decreases fats from your body. Hope you like the journey of trying out hot water.

Herbal Tea

Water is not the life source without good reason. Without it our body’s fine tuned engine runs less efficiently, & parts of it may even pack up working properly. Drink about 3-5 pints (about 2 litres) a day. If you have 4-5% less than the recommended daily amount of water, it can affect your mental & physical performance by up to 20-30%

Water flushes out the toxins in our bodies, which if they accumulate can cause dehydration which in turn causes tension, aches, pains, & headaches. Water helps keep our joints well oiled, helping prevent joint disease such as arthritis in later life.


Water helps our gut work more efficiently, helping prevent constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, & many other related diseases. Water hydrates your skin. Drinking enough water can combat skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, wrinkles & spots.

Add A Squeeze Or Slice Of The Following To Make Your Water More Tasty

-lemon; to tone your kidneys }
-lime to tone your liver }combine these 3 for a hangover cure
-orange for vitamin C }
-kiwi fruit for vitamin C-strawberries for the sheer indulgence

Vitamin C

I stick a slice of lemon & lime in a bottle of water if I’m on the move. Avoid citrus fruits if you have joint disorders like arthritis, rheumatism, gout or osteo-arthritis.

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Try water hot, maybe with freshly sliced ginger, for a refreshing drink that improves your circulation. Add honey & lemon to make it even tastier & boost your immunity.

Freshly Sliced Ginger

The closer to body temperature water is, the easier your body takes it where it needs to go. Very cold water can over-stimulate the kidneys. Try different bottled or filtered waters until you find one you like. You’ll be a connoisseur before you know it!

Filtered water

Drink at least an extra pint if it is hot or you are doing physical work or exercise. If you do drink tea, coffee, alcohol or fizzy pop, match glass for glass with extra water over the R.D.A. Spread your water intake out throughout the day & drink most of your quota before 6p.m.

Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up to rehydrate from overnight & get your engine going. Drinking a mug of hot water with lemon before breakfast to help cleanse your system. This counts towards your daily requirement. Every time you put the kettle on or someone offers you a drink, ask for hot water or a herbal tea.

Drinking Hot Water

If you drink a glass of water half an hour before every meal it dampens your appetite, & helps prevent you drinking with your meal which can decrease absorption of nutrients.


  • My grandmother drinks hot water and i have tried it. Takes getting used to, like everything new initially I suppose. Adding some lemon or lime does make it more bearable, but that would apply to cold water as well, if you don’t like the taste of water in general. Personally I drink nothing but water, purified because there’s too much crap in tap water and even more crap in bottled water. I drink 8 to 10 glasses a day religiously and it makes me feel superb. I recommend anybody try it for a month and see and feel the difference. you said it, just try it

    Great post

  • SinSki

    That’s somewhat a good idea to drink lemon, sugar in hot water
    but while ur at it, why not just make tea with sugar n lemon
    thats healthy n tastes better than just plain water

  • I think its a good idea to add what ever is been metioned but to get the best results one must try and have it with its natural taste which is tasteless the only thing is that in the start its a little too much but after 2-3 days one gets use to it the whole idea is if we r inculcating some new habbit lets make it the best if we add lemon its ok in beginning but then later on it can serve too much of citrus as its a daily routine i think there is no match for plain hot water.

  • Yeah obviously good remedy…

  • Sandra

    well its good to know that there are some benefits in drinking hot water, i have been drinking the hot water especially when am in the office, but my problem is going to the ladies every hour, it is just a little uncool at times…but either than that i think its quite okay.

  • I’ve also found good benefits from drinking hot water. I think the key underlying reason may be the points made in this article, that water flushes out the toxins in our bodies, and since hot water is closer to our body temperature than cold water, the body can use it more easily. It is good for digestion and also I’ve found it good in helping to relieve any nasal or chest congestion.

  • Meg

    This is a good idea. I like to squeeze the juice of half an orange into it and add some cold water to take the temperature down a bit.

  • Jigs

    I have one doubt. I have heard that by drinking mixed hot and cold(normal) water have harmful effect on health. Is it true?

  • Leon

    Drinking hot water has helped my body in a number of ways. It helps my immune system and it improves circulation in my body. I will continue to drink it. I want to really improve my life.

  • chandan pal

    Plz help me that i am drinking hott water but pipple is coming out on my face , right now i am drinking 2 class of water one in morning and second one in night before sleeping i want to loss my body , unwanted facts on my buts, any suggestion plz give me …..thank you

  • i have been drinking hotwater since i was 10. years of age, and until now i still do it has many good impacts to your body in and out. but do be warn mixing hot and cold with normal, is not a good idea. it makes it hard for your body to sort out which one goes where.

  • jimmy

    just some other nice flavours to add

    star anise, cloves, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger,

    These are very good for cold/flu prevetion and cure
    Remember less is more and too much of anything even water can over stimulate your system and cause it too slow down
    thank you
    merry christmas

  • kimani moses

    i have been drinking hot water atlest 5 litres per day.i have been on quitipin medication.i noted that i sweat very very much at changes in
    i really require this amout ot water?

  • Lal

    after the water crosses the throat it doesnt remain hot water and cold water both are same…

  • Actually If you have Hot water and you put Cold water in the glass mix it together you have Warm water… basically getting it from the stove top or kettle…. So I don’t know where you guys go on about thinking the body can’t sort out the difference…
    It’s not like the hot stays at the bottom and the cold stays at the top. you mix the Cold with the Hot for it to become Warm so you can drink it.

  • Wow, what a life we live in. I never had a cue that hot water only or with lime/lemon cleanses our body system. Thanks to my friend who informed me that drinking hot water/ lime/lemon does a great job to the immunity.

    It is a bit different taking, but am now getting use to it. I feel much more better, seems l started taking hot water/ lime/lemon.

  • Can hot water reduce the chalestrol in the body?Help me please.

  • mike h.

    i usually first boil the kettle, pour in the hot water and leave to stand for a minite or two then after that get a teabag out of the box, a nice heaped teaspoon of sugar and stew that, then add milk and serve with a plate of chocolate digestives and angel cake. then sit outside in the sun and relax, unwind!!!

  • Pamu

    Warm water having body temperature is good for the body. Take it early in the morning as depending upon the nature of individual body, some people will have to go to bathroom number of times as well as it will flush out the toxin stored during night by metabolism system. Keep a kettle to get hot water and mix it with cold water to get near by body temperature.

  • ib

    what is the effect of hot water on a cancer patient

  • daniel

    i have started taking hot water regulary . it reduced my wheezing.

  • abinesh kumar

    drinking hot water is amking me change my life..iam really losing weight and i drink a glass in the morning and afternoon..really wrks…

  • caitlin

    i’m 16, and up until recently, i was ALWAYS tired. I hardly ever drank anything. Mum wanted to get my iron levels tested. I went to donate blood, and they said i had good iron levels, but I hadn’t drank enough water so my blood wasn’t flowing properly and couldn’t finish the donation. That night, I went home and started drinking water. Since then, I have been drinking up to 3-4 litres everyday, and I have noiced I’m a lot less tired, I’m happier, I feel waaaay better overall.
    Water is amazing.

  • Sbosh

    Well! thanks for a little lesson on water n warm/ hot water. I would like to to know how true is it that a mug of hot water every morning helps clean a woman,s womb??


    i drink 8 glass of hot water daily will i loose weight

  • Harish Gupta

    I would like to share my Experiance ,as I drank hot water on daily basis when I need for water while in US and I wondred that I am very fast to do anything and tiered level is also low.and my fat is reduced from my tummy.

  • yogi

    I have been drinking hot water for more than 5years and i don’t drink anything less beside a green hot tea. our body weight is more than 75% water under room temperature and it is important to drink half of our body weight in fluid ounces. Its how mother feed babies we can imagine. Its sound hard but it comes with practise. Most of us are scared of the excessive restroom visit which is normal and the reward is great as urine becomes cleanse as water. I would recommend you drink half of your body recommended weight first, then gradually increase it.
    Drinking warm after waking up in the morning for rest room speeds up excretion waste. I recommend this before going to bed too. if you want to speed up this body waste i recommend you add sea salt which helps floss toxin waste out of our body. Drinking warm water when using colon cleaser or parasite removal is essential,this works better as water goes straight into the blood stream. Other non water drinks need time to process in our digestive tract. Drinking warm water after hot or warm meals helps digestion and prevent hang up or constipation. No wonder why obesity, cancer, diabetic, kidney stones, muscle aches, Back pain and other stress diseases are silent killers among Americans. the best water to drink is spring. Other water as mineral water are radio active and it would intrigue you that distilled water rob the body of minerals unless you are fasting. warm water is a life giver,cleanser and balance for the body.

  • rain

    I love hot water.
    I help me with acne and weight 😀

  • ck

    Yes – but simply hot water will not help. Have lemon, basil, ginger and most importantly – GARLIC. They all will help you reduce cholestrol. Try it!

  • karthic

    is it true daniel, you would drink hot water regularly in a day.

  • anon101

    The chinese have been drinking hot water for centries. however they still have one of the highest per 100,000 people cancer ratings in the world. and cancer is specific to where they live, which indicates its either environmentally cause cancer or certain foods are causing the cancer.

    This article appears to have been written by a chinese citizen (my wife makes the same mistakes and she is chinese) and insists warm water should only be consumed after sexual intercourse, cold water WILL kill her.. crazy myths.