Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy

Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy

Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy

In today’s world, time is everything. People are adopting the kind of lifestyle, which can save them time. As a result of this, the concept of fast food, fast drink, fast life and many more things are the order of today’s trend. Now, we rarely care to make juice at home and have it. Rather, we prefer to buy a bottle or can of juice and have it, without wasting time in preparing it. You have to remember here that though you get the drink immediately, but it has its negative impact as well. Though our life is becoming fast, but don’t compromise, when it’s about your diet. Yes, a healthy life always needs a healthy diet.

Here, I would talk about few kinds of juice, which is healthy and easy to make as well. Watermelon juice is very healthy. You just have to peel the water melon and cut into pieces. Afterwards, put the pieces into mixer grinder and switch it one. Your juice is ready, after you filter it. It is better, when you don’t add salt or sugar into it. The water melon juice reduces the risk of suffering from kidney stone. It can help if you have acne problem.

Watermelon juice

Next, we will talk about carrot juice. This is a vegetable, which is easily available in the market. So peel the carrot and cut it before you grind them to take out the juice. Here, you can add two-three tomatoes along with the carrot pieces. Once juice is made, you can add a pinch of salt and a tea spoon of honey as well. Carrot juice is very good for eyes and bones also.

Carrot juice

Cucumber juice is another wonderful drink, which could be made at home. Choose three to four fresh and healthy cucumbers. Like the above method, take out the juice after grinding them. Add salt and lemon for making the juice more refreshing. For rheumatic disease, the cucumber juice can really help. Apart from this, your skin will definitely become healthier with regular consumption this juice.

Cucumber juice