Benefits Of Amla Juice

Benefits Of Amla Juice


Benefits Of Amla Juice

Nature has many things to offer us. Amla juice is one amongst the gift that has been bestowed on us. The secrete of juice is incredibly amazing when it comes to health. Recognize your problem and drink amla juice to get good benefits. 

If suffering from skin ailments, drink regularly amla juice twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. You can drink it solely or you can mix with lemon pepper or any spice good for juice. This will enhance the taste. Take two tsp and mix it warm water and drink it. You can drink it in empty stomach; it is better before food.

Drink Regularly Amla Juice Twice a Day

Especially if you have pimples all over, you should drink it. Your skin changes colour drastically after drinking the juice regularly for a week. Clarity of skin improves tremendously. So if you want to have clear skin, drink it.

Apart from the skin, it is fantastic for your graying hair also. It improves the hair quality and diminishes the discoloration of hair and grey hair. If you have this problem you must not delay to drink the juice.


Amla juice is also good for other health problems like eye sight is improved if taken daily. The hidden treasure of the juice is marvelous, it just is so pure and natural without any side affects.

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People who are scared of getting saggy skin the symbol of old age or ageing, must drink amla juice. This is perfect remedy for the cause. Instead of going for the cosmetic remedies which carries so much side affects you should opt for this juice. This yields better result than the cosmetics as the juice is natural and when drunk it dissolves with the blood and get mixed with it. Inherently it solves the problem unlike pilling off of skin as cosmetic creams do.

Amla juice


  • vijay saini

    is it better to take amla juice between food at night

  • Vipin jha

    Dear ,
    I am having a hair problem , daily i m loosing a hair
    i want to stop hair falling
    so please suggest me what to do .
    is amla juice is ok for it

    Regards ,
    Vipin jha

  • I am having problem of hair fall. Can amla juice stop this.

  • D Bhattacharya

    I am suffering from acute Constipation from ages. What should I do? Will Amla Juice help me permanently?

  • vikas tryagi

    As I my self is in the field Amla juice marketing and sale ( by the brand name “AyuAmrit”),So it is obvious that I am consuming the amla juice from last two years continously ,it has improved my immunity so much that I am free from any kind of sesional effect on my body,there is no infection of any kind,I always feel fit and fresh and not only this I feel that my memory is also improving.

  • munavvar hussain

    I Have problem of lossing hair, plz tell me is amal juice can provide me relief and how

  • Amla Juice is really a panacea to control hair fall. Its a rich source of vitamin C.

  • sally chua

    vikas tryagi. where do I buy amla juice in Singapore? Has it helped to darkened your hair? 🙂

  • manu

    @ sally chua
    just grate one or two amla and squeze the pulp to get fresh juice daily

  • nandlal

    i m having a hair problems. daily i m loosing a hair.
    i want to stop a hair falling.
    so please suggest to me what to do.
    is amla juice ok for it,

  • manish arora

    yes along with that have aloe vera juice also that will be more effective take divya aloe vera its a baba ramdev product so its trustworthy also there is some fibre content in divya aloe vera which acts as a good laxative .GET the fresh bottle and consume it within one month after opening the container .(also consult a physician before having that )

    may god bless u and may u get rid of this problem soon 09219881975

  • commit2change

    I used Amla Juice and Ashwagandha to stop my hair loss. I had Alopecia and a bald spot on back of my head. Also took Vitamin D by taking Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins and drank about 1 ounce of Amla juice everyday and it totally stopped my hair loss after 6 weeks of drinking these products.

    Now I also put Amla Oil and use Amla shampoo on my hair. Also wash my hair with a NEEM soap bar too. That is supposed to help stop hair loss too.

    Amla Juice is also very helpful to get rid of Bronchitis.

  • Name (required)

    where can I buy amla juice from and what is the difference bwtween Amla Churana and Amla Juice

  • Bhaba Singh Saini

    I think, Amla is amrit for me. I am using the amla daily. I feel much better after using amla.

  • vikash

    Can somebody tell me please how to use amla juice on hair?
    I am applying amla juice + cucummber juice mixed daily before sleeping and then i wash the hair in morning with water.
    But i did not see more effect