Doing Laser Hair Removal at Home


hair_removalathome Many people battle every day with having to remove unwanted hair from their body. The process is expensive and never-ending. The introduction of laser hair removal has brought more permanent hair removal results.

Both men and women are now using laser hair removal at certified salons. But now laser hair removal can be performed at home. Here are answers to some of the most common laser hair removal questions.

How do you remove hair at home?

The home style laser hair removal procedure is similar to the procedure that would be performed at a laser hair removal clinic. You will need a device that emits light beams.

The light targets the area of skin where there is unwanted hair growth. The laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair which causes the hair follicle to become damaged. This will eventually stop the growth of hair.

Is laser hair removal at home efficient?

Yes, the home version of laser hair removal is efficient. It works best when there is a strong contrast in the color of hair against the skin where it grows. To understand how laser hair removal works you need to understand the growth process of body hair. It occurs in three phases.

The first phase is when the hair grows. This is the anagen phase. The next phase is the catagen phase. This is the end stage of hair growth. The final phase is the telogen phase. In this phase the hair no longer grows. It can take years to reach this stage. Laser hair removal works best on hair when it is in the anagen stage.

Can I use laser hair removal?

The best candidates for at home laser hair removal are those that have a strong contrast between the color of their body hair and the skin in the affected area. There are some things to keep in mind before you begin treatment.

You should avoid getting a tan at least 2 months prior to starting the treatment as this will darken the pigment of your skin and limit the contrast between skin and hair. You should also avoid waxing or tweezing the hair prior to the procedure.

Are there any risks to this procedure?

Home laser removal products are designed by the manufacturer to be used safely. There are some side affects though. You may experience burning or scarring if you do not adjust the light beam to suit your skin type.

Too much exposure to the light beams can also lighten the skin. When you use the product at home make sure that you wear protective eyewear. Most kits will come with something to wear over the eyes.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

The laser sensation affects each person differently depending on their tolerance level. Some people may feel like they are being burned by the sun. They may experience discomfort after the procedure. This procedure tends to affect people with darker skin more.

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