Do it Yourself Coffee Spa Treatment


Coffeespa We all love to pamper ourselves. And there is a reason to look forward to this pampering if it comes with a wonderful aroma of coffee. A luxurious spa body scrub with the natural flavor and smell of coffee would be a wonderful way to give your body a great treatment, with the natural goodness of coffee.

Coffee is full of antioxidant which gets absorbed in the skin. They work really fast to neutralize the effect of free radicals. Free radicals are the substances that might damage your inner skin, below the outer layer of skin.

This damage can translate into diseases and premature ageing. Coffee can be used in beauty treatments to stop the problems before they take roots. Spa with coffee will keep your skin looking great and fresh and as young as it can be. Of course the skin will beam to thank you for the pampering.

You would need these things to make your own spa with coffee.
A teaspoon of ground cloves, a tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of vanilla extract and three fourth cup of coffee beans. Also add one third cup of brown sugar.

Coarsely grind coffee beans, cloves and brown sugar in coffee grinder. Mix these ingredients properly and then put them in a container and blend them properly.

Then add vanilla and olive oil and mix well again. You may add more olive oil if you like it oily, but try to put it in small doses at one time so that you make a consistent kind of scrub for your skin.

If you want a coarse scrub, use lesser of olive oil. And if you want a soft scrub, use more olive oil. Then spread it all over your body. It would exfoliate dead skin off your body.

It is a natural treatment which will make your skin feel very soft. Moreover, if you use it in the morning, the aroma of coffee would wake you up to alertness.

Another wonderful fact to know is that coffee has caffeine and caffeine is a vasodilator. It constricts your blood vessels and makes them tight and firm immediately. So the ingredient in your own spa scrub that pampers your skin also contains a magical anti aging material.

You will feel your skin feeling younger and tighter. It is a gentle scrub to use on your face too. Your face will feel firm and you will feel fresh. Your scrub would work on your body in sloughing off the dead cells from your skin.

As a result, you will have a glowing body and complexion. Go ahead, indulge yourself!

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