Discoloration Of Skin

Having a beautiful and charming skin is a dream of every human being either he is a boy, girl, teenager or even of the old one. Even a single spot on the body is considered intolerable. From last some time many cases of skin discoloration came under observation.

Skin Color changes

Skin discoloration results from many reasons. Some are natural, such as birthmarks. Others are related to factors such as sun exposure or allergy or immune reaction. The skin can become darker or lighter. Skin discoloration results various medical conditions such as whitening, it can be caused due to infections or lose of pigmentation from the skin such as vitiligo. Paleness can indicate the various infections in the body. Redness can be indicated a variety of possibilities including local skin inflammation. Blueness indicates lack of blood circulation throughout the body. It could be very harmful. Dark Skin hyper pigmentation can be caused due to various medical conditions.


Yellow Skin– Yellow skin is the best described as condition, in which skin reflects a yellow color. The most common and strong cause of yellowish of skin is liver problem. In jaundice, person having yellow color in his/her eyes too with upper problems.

Dark Skin-Darkening of skin may be result of release of more pigment cells of the skin. Exposure of certain chemicals, too much sun exposure and certain dietary items gives way to the tanning (dark color) of skin. In some cases it may be the effect of severe diseases, like Addison’s, scleroderma.

Redness– Redness of skin is usually the results of skin ailments. It could be rashes, flushing, burns, sun burns, eczema, dermatitis, actinic keratosis or erythrasma etc. Sometimes it may also result because of some of other ailments like fever as a result of consumption of medicines like aspirin etc.

Cyanosis – Cyanosis can be described as turning of skin or mucous membranes to the blue or purple color. The reason behind this is less supply of oxygen to the blood. It could be serious problem and sometime result to severe ailments that restrict the circulation of oxygen to the body.

Orange Color-Another common skin discoloration is known as orange color of skin. The cause of this type of skin disease is over-consumption of dietary items that contained orange-colored beta- carotene for example pumpkin, carrots and papaya etc. This disease is mainly considered between young infants.

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