Different Types of Cardio Exercise


types-of-cardio-exercise With all of the forms of cardio exercise available, how to do you which type is the best?  Regardless of whether you do low intensity or high intensity cardio, you will burn body fat.  The question is which form of cardio exercise will burn the most body fat?

Scientific research shows that intense cardio exercise will burn glycogen.  Glycogen is carbohydrates that are stored in your liver and muscles.  It provides energy.  The research showed that low intensity cardio exercises will burn the most fat.

This finding is false.  If it were true, then there wouldn’t be so many overweight people in the world.

The scientific findings were correct when they stated that a low intensity workout such as walking or swimming does burn body fat.  Higher intensity workouts such as running have been shown to burn calories.

If you body has burned off all of its glycogen, then it will resort to burning off carbohydrates stored from the food you have eaten.  Any unused carbohydrates that are left in your body are then converted to glycogen and stored in your body as fat.

By performing a high intensity cardio activity, your metabolism keeps pumping even once you have finished your exercise routine.  That means that your body will keep burning fat even after you have finished at the gym.  This does not occur in low intensity workouts.  Your body burns more calories from a high intensity cardio routine than from a low intensity cardio routine.

You can add high intensity routines to your normal cardio routine by doing interval training.  Start off by walking for about 5 minutes.  Then begin to jog for another 5 minutes.  Go back to walking at a quick pace while you catch your breath.  Then break into another quick run.  Alternate between walking and running during the course of your cardio workout.

The more cardio you do the more energy you’ll find that your body has.  Not only does cardio burn calories, it gives you energy throughout the day.

You should really try to incorporate cardio into your exercise routine.  It will give you the energy to keep moving through your workout.