Different Kinds Of Muffins

types of muffins

Muffins, a favourite ingredient for breakfasts or as a quick snacking item, are quite famous all over the world. The sweet and savoury taste of muffins has a wonderful feel to it.

Being one of the most versatile foods, you can use muffins at any time of the day. Whether you need to take a quick bite or wish to fulfil your sweet cravings, these muffins are just perfect for any occasion. Basically, there are two types of muffins, English muffins which are flat and round and the cupcake like American muffins.

The English Muffins

types of muffins

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The round English muffins are basically yeast-risen breads that are quite popular as breakfast items. The flat muffins are sliced from the middle and divided into two before eating. Some also prefer to have the toasted muffins. Delicious toppings made with either eggs, butter or bacon is used along with these muffins. The English love to have these muffins for their afternoon tea and therefore, it is often accompanied with a steaming cup of tea. Jelly or jams are also spread on the muffin for giving it a sweet taste.

American Cup Cakes

muffins types

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The American version of the muffins is more like the cup cakes. These are smaller in size and can be sweet and flavoured with a variety of ingredients. The American muffins can be basically distinguished into three main types consisting of the sweet, savoury and the fruit filled ones.

The sweet muffins do not use yeast like the English muffins. Instead it uses eggs and baking powder for making the muffins fluffy. Since it is supposed to be sweet, sugary substances like chocolates, candies, marshmallows or any other sweet flavour is added to it. These muffins are particularly good for people who have a sweet tooth and love to gorge on cakes or pastries. It is often available in bakeries and is generally served with tea or coffee.

The savoury muffins, on the other hand, are salty cupcakes without a hint of sugar in it. These can be likened to breads and are perfect for lunches. You can have these salty muffins with pasta or a soup. A variety of herbs like basil or oregano is often used for flavouring these muffins. It is also made with vegetables, cheddar cheese or smoked ham.

The fruity muffins are more like cakes and are perfect for those who love to have fruit cakes. They are miniature versions of cakes and have small pieces of fruits like bananas, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. It is a preferred variety for breakfasts or as a snacking item.

Corn Muffins

kinds of muffins

Another popular variety of muffin that is available in the market consists of the corn muffins. These are similar to cornbread and are made with a combination of yellow cornmeal and flour. It is often served along with soups and can be consumed for light lunches or dinners. This particular variety of muffins is preferred by the Americans and it is believed that these slightly sweet muffins are extremely good at absorbing flavours.