Dietary Supplements and Weight Loss


DietarySupplement Dieting means eating nutritious food in order to cure ailments like anemia, diabetes, etc. For instance, a person suffering from heart disease will have to eat lots of whole grains, fresh fruits, beans, vegetables and fish; thus reducing the intake of saturated fats and sodium.

There are so many diets for weight loss. There is little or no research on whether these diets are helpful over a long period of time ( in this context long period of time is defined as a duration of two to five years considering the date the person in question started losing weight).

It is recommended that one has to eat at least 1,200 calories each day to diet for weight loss. Also, a person can reduce calorie intake by 125 (this is equivalent to an average cup of juice or a cup of soft drink like coca cola) and increase activity by doing some form of exercise like walking for 30 minutes.

Exercising for 30 minutes in this way is equivalent to burning 250 calories a day and thus reducing your weight by one or two pounds in a month. Since quicker weight losses are difficult to maintain, the objective is to slowly change eating and exercise routines so as to maintain a healthy weight throughout your lifetime.

Fad diets are foods taken when people are dieting. They do not contain all the necessary nutrients that make a meal, for example rice, grapefruit and cabbage soup.


Dietary supplements are defined as medications that are not used specifically for food. They are taken after or during meals in order to supplement a person’s diet. They are usually ingested by mouth.


Dietary supplements are important for very different reasons. The most important reason is for medical reasons. The following are the reasons for taking dietary supplements:

Replacing an essential nutrient that is not sufficient in our every day meal.
Reducing the risk of a disease.
Increasing the immune system and improving health.
Increasing energy levels.
Improving mental or physical performance
Weight loss programs
Reducing symptoms of an ailment


Dietary supplements are made up of different products ranging from multivitamins present in modern day shops to exotic botanicals. A large percentage of Americans have the habit of taking dietary supplements everyday because they have been known to be very essential since the 1990s.

Dietary Supplements are usually labeled with the word “supplement”. Also, there must be an indication of volume or weight of the contents, a list of dietary ingredients and non-dietary ingredients, name of the manufacturer, packer or distributor and directions for use.

Herbs are used in Complementary and alternative Medicine (CAM). They have been used for hundreds of years and they have a proven track record of effectiveness.


Individuals, especially nursing mothers who use dietary supplements should consult a family doctor and other reliable sources of information before taking any new supplements.


  • In dieting the persons should use different type of fruits and different type of grains which gives a lot of fiber not the various medicines which cause various side effects.