Diet to avoid constipation


constipa Constipation, a disorder of the stomach is another outcome of the present day lifestyle and the associated dietary changes brought around by that. At times it may be the result of other medication, but that will be a very temporary phase.

Getting rid of constipation involves two things: diet and exercise. The most important feature of diet here is water, as dehydration is a sure cause of constipation.

Take 8-10 glasses of water during the day. Of course the volume will vary, depending on climatic conditions and the physical activity that one performs during the day.

As far as the diet goes, you must increase intake of dietary fiber to facilitate passing of stool. Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits is an easy way to improve fibrous content.

Fruit and vegetable juice too solves the purpose. One must shift to taking whole grain cereals and flax seed as a part of your daily diet.

Husk of psylllium is an excellent source of fiber. A very simple and effective way to treat the malady is to have a dose of this husk. It’s generally available in the form of a powder that may be dissolved in water or any other natural drink for consumption.

Regards to exercising, you don’t have to go for any strenuous exercises. Half an hour or so of any simple exercise like brisk walking, jogging or swimming and cycling will solve the purpose. But, it has to form a part of your daily life.

However, if the complaint is severe you may have a laxative. One tablespoon of magnesia with a cup of milk at night before going to sleep will be effective.

Nevertheless, it should not become a regular habit for you. If this treatment fails to yield results, you have no choice but to go for some mild laxative, generally available over the counter.

Once again, it should not become a regular practice to consume such chemicals to facilitate a natural process.

It may take sometime, but if you incorporate the suggested changes in your diet and exercise regularly, you’ll certainly be relieved. In very rare and extreme cases, medication is needed.

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