6 Diet Chart For Pregnancy Period

Diet Chart For Pregnancy Period

Weight gain is a major concern of health and figure conscious women. Put on weight during pregnancy is a very obvious thing. As a pregnant lady you need to take a diet that is full of nutrients. A balanced diet is key to having healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most nutritious demanding period of a women’s life. A good and nutritious diet includes calcium, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and good amount of water. Here is a diet chart for pregnancy period.


Calcium is must nutrient at the time of pregnancy. Calcium is good for developing strong bones and teeth. It is helpful in muscle development and nerve contraction. Milk, cheese, curd and salmons with bones are sources of protein. Calcium intake is necessary element of diet chart as mother provides this calcium for the bones of child.



Iron is needed in good amount to the body in pregnancy period. This is caused by increased amount of blood circulating and also by fetus and placenta. Iron intake is especially important during the third trimester when there is a large shift the baby. A pregnant lady needs 10-15% of iron as compared to non pregnant women. If iron is not supplied in sufficient amount to the body it may result to anemia. An anemic lady feels much tired. Lack of iron in body also associated with premature labor, low weight babies and in some cases it may result to the death of the baby.



The fetal organs already have stores of fat and so additional fat is not required. Nevertheless, essential fatty acids (EFA) should be supplied during pregnancy.


Vitamin A is good for eyes and it also maintains the integrity of cells. Maternal calcium and calcium metabolism of infant is absorbed by vitamin D. Mother who want to prevent abortion must intake vitamin E in good amount. Vitamin B6 or Folic acid is very important to prevent acrostic anemia and promote normal fetal growth, as it prevents serious birth defects.

Vitamin A


Water is the good nutrient and it keeps the body hydrated. It helps in preventing constipation, hemorrhoids, oedema and flushes out the toxins from the body.


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