Diabetic Dry Skin Symptoms

Diabetic Dry Skin Symptoms

Diabetic Dry Skin Symptoms There are innumerable health diseases that you might have to face in your life from time to time. Among them some are acute in nature whereas some are chronic. Also, there are some that are deadly and serious and some that stay for a prolonged period in the body and affect it at regular intervals with its side effects and outcomes.

With the increase in the awareness of one’s body and the desire to look good and appear attractive, more or the population are getting their claws on the information needed to maintain a healthy and fit body. This is solely because it is one of the major requisites to look good along with having a clean and glowing skin and strong hair. The need for keeping the diseases and illnesses on a subtle level and possibly treats them completely is also very much a requirement for the body to function properly and that you can live your normal routine of life.

In all the cases of health crises, it is always recommended that you seek professional help and get to know the cause, signs and treatments for the same.One of the very common and prevalent health conditions that more than half of the world’s population is facing is that of diabetes. It is a condition where there is inappropriate production of insulin hormone in the body. It is generally either excessive or else in an amount that is below requirement. The imbalance of blood sugar levels is what leads to diabetic conditions in the body. Though, you can easily get it treated in the former stages, if the problem occurs for a prolonged stay, then prevention and control are the only two options you have in hand.

Keeping the diabetic levels in control will help you avoid a lot of signs and symptoms that comes along with it. Generally, diabetes is accompanied with muscular problems, eye diseases and even skin diseases and infections. Dry skin is one of the most frequent occurring effects of diabetes in the body.To know that the dry skin is caused by diabetes, there are certain symptoms that will help you out. Here, this health guide will help you to know all the signs of diabetic dry skin and make you more informative and aware about this common health problem

Signs Of Diabetic Dry Skin

Usually it’s the Type 2 Diabetes that has dry skin well before they even know that they have this condition in the body. The high levels of blood sugar cause low blood circulation that leads to dry skin. Check out the symptoms for the same below-

Low Blood Circulation Levels

Generally, the poor blood circulation in toe body adversely affects the sweat glands and there is less of perspiration and sweat occurrence.

Low Blood Circulation Levels

Sweat is known to keep the skin moist and hydrated for a good period of time, lack of which leads to dry skin. This is supposed to be one of the main signs of dryness and flakiness of the skin when you suddenly start sweating less than usual.

Conditions Like Dermopathy

Diabetic dermopathy is one of the conditions that cause dry skin as a result. It happens because of the damage that is caused to the blood vessels by the excessive glucose in the body. It also affects the small nerves and thus leads to dryness of the skin that can be followed by itchiness and rashes as well.

The Levels Of Glucose

Another major symptom for dry skin in diabetic patients is the high levels of glucose. However, as soon as you bring this under proper control, you can see the dry skin issues disappearing.

Issues Of Neuropathy

There is a condition in medical terms known as peripheral neuropathy that can actually cause lack of sensation in particular parts of the body. This happens mainly in the feet and the hands where the patient can’t even notice the dry skin and neither feels it.

Issues Of Neuropathy

Generally, the condition is severe enough to cause even cracks on the surface of the skin leading to major health issues. Where feet dryness is concerned, you might also experience ulcers there because of the dryness and flakiness. This is one condition frequent in diabetic patients and that leads to dry skin.

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Fungal And Bacterial Infections

In a lot of situations, diabetic patients undergo various kinds of fungal or bacterial infections generally due to unhygienic lifestyles or bad skin care procedures. This is something that can very well lead to not only blisters, rashes and irritation on the skin but also dryness to a great extent.



Certain food or medicinal allergies in diabetic patients can lead to allergies in the body which is generally defined by rashes, itching and even dry skin in the affected areas. This is one another major symptom for dry kin in diabetic patients.


One of the main signs that you are suffering from extremely dry skin in the conditions with diabetes is the frequent occurrence of itching in the various parts of the body. This directly points towards the problem and confirms that your blood sugar levels have raised leading to dryness and flakiness on the skin.

Frequent Urination

One of the signs that directly is connected with dry skin is the frequent urination which most of the diabetic patients undergo as a side effect.

Frequent Urination

This flushes out the liquid from the body thus making the skin dry that you start experiencing with white layers on the skin.

Some Warnings For Control

To control the diabetic dry skin symptoms there are some natural and simple remedies that you can follow with ease. The first thing here is to drink plenty of pure and filtered water to keep the skin hydrated, soft and supple. It also helps to flush out the bacteria thus preventing any forms of infection.

A good and light weight moisturizing lotion should also be kept handy that works well with your skin type of dryness. This will help in providing deep nourishment from time to time thus reducing itchiness and flakiness and treating dry skin eventually.

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