Diabetes Exercise is Important


Doctors advise people with diabetes to make certain lifestyle changes. The main reasons for diabetes are that the person is obese and does not perform any exercise. Most elderly Americans are affected by Type 2 diabetes. It has been found that diabetics (Type 2) does not show any symptoms after weight reduction by exercising and improvement in diet.

Many people have lived a couch potato life and find it difficult to exercise. You must realize that uncontrolled diabetes affects your life badly and this should be your main motivating factor to start exercising. Since diabetes (Type 2) can be easily controlled by exercising and diet control, these are recommended by the healthcare providers.

The muscles require an extra bit of energy and fuel during exercising and this is provided by glucose.  Research findings have shown that if anybody exercises moderately on a continual basis, their muscles consume glucose. This means that your blood sugar levels decrease. During exercising, your muscle during contracting does not require insulin for absorbing glucose because it gets absorbed into the muscle tissue directly. If you exercise moderately, the muscles will consume twenty times the normal glucose consumption rate.

In order to improve the resistance to insulin in your muscle cells, you could take chromium supplements. Under normal circumstances, insulin facilitates the fat cells and muscle to absorb the glucose required in the future; in addition, any excess glucose will be stored in the liver. The cells in the muscles as well as the whole body are stimulated by insulin to take the blood glucose away.  This glucose is then converted to glycogen for storage; glycogen is a form of starch.

Any exercise regimen that you are planning requires approval from your physician. You must begin your exercising program with exercises such as walking, biking, swimming etc. which have low impact on your body.

You must do your exercises at least 3 or 4 times per week with a maximum duration of forty minutes and minimum of twenty minutes. It is good for you to perform your exercises daily. Your exercising program should contain a warm-up (five to ten minutes), aerobic exercise (fifteen to thirty minutes) and cooling period (five minutes).

One of the major benefits of exercising is that you will have good sleep and feel rested.
Start exercising immediately.

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