Detoxify Your Body


It is important and good for your health, to detoxify your body.Toxins are caused by bad habits such as smoking and drinking.  Also your body can become “toxic” from having poor nutrition, such as eating the wrong foods.  You know that your body is not at its best if your hair is dry or if you are constipated. Also, your nails could be brittle or you could just be experiencing unusual fatigue.

How do I detoxify my body
Well, the most important thing you can do is make sure that you are drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.  Water has a way of purifying toxins from our body naturally.  It can also keep you regular and even help you to keep from getting constipated.  Many times, we as humans just experience dehydration and think that it is something more serious.

When you want to rid your body of unwanted toxins, it is important that you watch your diet.  This means leaving alone the foods that are making you toxic.  High-fat food and food that is high in sugar overwhelm the body and make your body toxic.  Limit “junk” foods and stick to “live” foods such as fruits and vegetables and if you are eating meat, limit it and make sure that it is low in fat.  Poultry and fish, when broiled, boiled or grilled make a good staple for a clean, low-toxic diet.  Stay away from alcohol if you are trying to detoxify your body.

If you truly are trying to detoxify your body, a good recommendation is for you to add supplemental fiber to your diet.  You can buy bulk or psyllium-husk fiber at the grocery store.  All you do is mix it with water.  If that is not enough, then there are actually detoxification kits that are filled with fiber and are set for you to take for a certain number of days that flush your colon.  You can find these at health food stores and they give an excellent source for detoxifying your body.

It is important to get your heart-rate up by some “cardio” activity at least three times a week.  When your heart rate gets up to peek, you begin to sweat.  Sweat naturally detoxifies our bodies from our impurities.  There are also many benefits to exercise.  When you exercise regularly, you feel better about your self and you are more capable of maintaining your ideal weight.

How do I know that I am detoxing?
While your body is flushing all of its “junk”, you will know it.  You may feel an array of symptoms.  You could possible feel more tired or weak, you definitely will be making more bowel movements and you may even experience headaches.  Stick with it, though.  You will be better in the long-run for it.  Once your body is detoxified you will look better.  Your skin will clear up and you will be able to absorb nutrition better.  Good luck!

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