Depression Symptoms

We all feel ups and downs in our mood. If you are having any of the problems regarding physical or mental it may result to sadness. Sadness is a usual reaction to struggle of life or disappointment. A survey concludes 16% of US population is clinically depressed. Depression is often classed as ‘mental illness’. It has some mental as well as physical symptoms. Patient’s mental stress shows by his physical activities. If you are having depression some of the following depression symptoms may associate with you.

• A depressed person may loss your interest in doing daily activities and things that you enjoy doing earlier.
• Depressed person feel irritated all the time. Person having depression may be easily annoyed or frustrated.
• Patient will feel anxious or worried all the time even the little or minor things gives you mental stress.
• A chance of sudden weight loss or weight gain and this margin up to 5% of body weight in a month.
• He spend a lot of time thinking about what has gone wrong, what will go wrong or what is wrong about yourself as a person. He may also feel guilty sometimes about being critical of others or even thinking critically about them.
• Depressed person may feel some unexpected physical activities such as headaches, back pain, cramps or digestive problems.
• Sleep disturbances is one of the most common symptoms of depression. Person having depression may get sleeping disorders; he/she may either feel insomnia or too much sleep.
• Deep fatigue or loss of energy is a symptom of depression.
• A depressed person always feels he is worthless or nobody loves him. He all the time feel inappropriately guilt in those things that are not in his hands.
• Depressed person always feel he is not able to think or even he is unable to take any independent decisions.
• A depressed person always thought of death. Thoughts of suicide comes to the mind without a plan.
• He is failed to enjoy the enjoyable things around him.
• Slower movements and speech disorders are common symptoms of depression.

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