Delicious Banana Flower Recipe

Delicious Banana Flower Recipe

Delicious Banana Flower Recipe

Have you ever tried to make any recipe out of banana flower? If it sounds totally new and strange to you then don’t be surprised. In many parts of India, especially in south and East Indian regions, people make various kinds of recipes out of banana flowers. Plantain tree is such a creation of nature that it’s each and every part can be used for various purposes. Many call the banana flower in the name of banana blossom as well.

Now, let’s learn how to make a delicious recipe out of these banana blossoms. Firstly, you have to know how to choose a good one for you. The tenderer the flowers are the tastier your recipe would be. Yes, you should look for the one, which will have fresh and tender flowers. To know whether flowers are tender, you just remove one or two leaves from the outer part to have a look at the flowers.

Note down the ingredients you need for preparing the recipe. First of all, take one banana blossom. Half teaspoon of mustard seeds along with half teaspoon of turmeric powder, chili powder. One or two onions and two green chilies, which need to be chopped and take two to three tablespoon of scrambled coconut as well. Take salt according to taste.

Banana Blossom

Take out the flowers from the whole blossom and chop them. Before chopping them, you need to take out the longest strand coming out from the flower, which is very strong and feels like a plastic thread.

Take out the Flowers
Once the chopping is done, now add turmeric, chili powder and salt and then mix them up properly. Next, mix the onion with them as well. Now, heat oil on a pan and put the mustard seeds and then put the mixture on it. Add two to three spoon of water on to it and then cover the lid. Reduce the heat and let it be cooked for ten minutes. Stir it occasionally.

Mustard Seeds

Once the vegetable is cooked, add coconut and green chili on top of it and serve hot.


  • good day! I’m a teacher and very fascinated with the utilization of banana blossom. Aside from its medicinal value to humans, I would like to know what are the beneficial effects of combining banana blossom to recipes mostly using pork meat.