Dangers Of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks’ when you heard this name it gives you the idea of energy providing drink. You can see the huge variety of energy drinks in market. It can easily available anywhere. Actually, It is seems poison covered in a well-wrapped packet. As many good things came along with problematic things. These energy things have also with some problems associated with. Problems of the drinks are much as you can be familiar with some. Some of the dangers attached with energy drinks are mentioned below:
• The most dangerous side effect of energy drink is that can be harmful specially when attached with other things.

• One of the most common ingredients in energy drinks is caffeine; this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as problems go. Large quantity of caffeine is dangerous as it raises your blood pressure to begin with, not to mention other problems associated with the use of caffeine.

• Guarana is the most important ingredients in all energy drinks. This is the central nervous system stimulant. If you consume these drinks or mix with other drinks containing ephedrine or diet pills can be dangerous.

• Another popular ingredient in energy drinks is taurine, which is actually something that we naturally get from foods that contain vitamin B6. We normally get more than enough taurine in out diet and the extra amount that we get from these energy drinks, depending on how much we consume, can become toxic in our systems.

• Energy drinks provide boost of energy, but it won’t last. Energy drinks contain very high amount of sugar. High amount of sugar can be dangerous as it gives way to increased heart rate, which over time can increased can increase the stroke and heart disease.

• If the caffeine present in energy drinks levels high in pregnant women it creates birth defects in her.

• Consuming high amount of sugar contained in energy drinks it results to weight gain.

• Certain energy drinks claim to increase performance, concentration, reaction speed, vigilance, emotional status, and metabolism, yet these are unfounded and without support.

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  • devon

    I love energy drinks. They are healthy. There are bad things, but are good things too! Did you know they can be used as a dietery supplement? Yes, they can. And it helps. I lost 50 pounds. Now I weigh 130 lbs. Trust me they help, but you can’t drink more then 5 a day or you could have a heart attack!

  • jessica

    ive been drinking them constantly throughout the week but only one a day usually to get me active because i have a job in the fitness industry. but i find in the morning if i dont have one i get a killer head ache?? why is this…could these be really harmful to me?

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  • Liv

    Caffeine is a drug in your system. It helps keep you alert and awake, but your body can become addicted to it, and that is what will cause your headaches if you do not have it. The same thing happens with people who drink a lot of coffee, or drink soda’s with a large amount caffeine.