Every person’s skin constantly renews itself; dead cells from the scalp fall off as new cells form beneath them. It is normal to shed some dead skin flakes as the skin is constantly renewing itself. Everyone loses skin cells in this way and when you are having dandruff this process become faster. Number of shedding shells grows in the case of dandruff.

The new cells form in the lower layers. They are gradually pushed to the surface as more new cells form beneath them. By the time they reach the surface, the cells have become flat and overlap each other.

Then they appear like roof tiles. By then, these cells are dead and are shed from the surface all the time. They are so small that we do not notice this is happening.

Dandruff is very common and it affects almost 40%of world’s population. It can cause any person at any age but 20-30 are main victims of this disease.

Causes of Dandruff:

Dandruff is a bit of enigma, it is a type of fungus that stays on the flap.
The oleic acid triggers increased turnover of skin cells, resulting in dandruff.

Hormones are also responsible for the hair dandruff. Any kind of illness can cause the dandruff on the head scalp. Wearing a hat for long time allows the production of sweat and that result the enlargement of yeast that is responsible for making dandruff on the skin scalp.


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  • Thanks for posting! It’s very informative. I’m actually suffering from dandruff these past few days.. Thank you so much for the info!