Cycling Apparel – Shorts, Gloves, Mitts, Jerseys and Jackets

Quality cycling apparel can make the difference between a good day in the saddle and a great day. Textile technology has taken leaps and bounds in the last few years, giving you cycling jerseys, cycling jackets ,cycling gloves and mitts, cycling shorts and other apparel items that wick away the moisture and take on the outdoor elements like never before.
Cycling Shorts-

Cycling shorts (also known as bike shorts or bicycling shorts) are short, skin-tight leg wear designed to improve comfort and efficiency while cycling. They Reduce wind resistance. It protects your skin against repetitive friction of legs against the bicycle seat and frame. Draw sweat away from the skin to prevent chafing and rashes, and to cool the rider down from the process of evaporation. Compress the legs, which can help combat muscular fatigue.

Cycling Gloves And Mitts-

Cycling gloves come in various forms including full finger summer and winter gloves and mitts (half finger gloves favored by road racers and tourist cyclists). Cycling gloves are important to protect your hands, keep your grip secure and keep them warm in winter. You definitely want to think about gloves if you are riding any considerable distance since you will get to a sudden point where your skin becomes painful and very uncomfortable, normally when you don’t expect it due to constant pressure and vibrations from the ride.

Cycling Jersey-

A cycling jersey is no longer thought of as a shirt that you put on when you go for a bike ride. Cycling jerseys are known for their advanced textile technology, using some materials that wick moisture (sweat) away from your skin, others that conform to your body to decrease drag, and some that compress to your skin to help with muscle and fatigue issues.

Cycling Jackets-

The definition of a cycling jackets is a jacket that you wear when you’re on your bike; obviously. The type of cycling jacket that fits your riding style the best depends on when and where you’re going to wear it. The range of jackets goes from thin shell jackets for combating the wind, to insulated jackets for withstanding winter temperatures. Wind, rain, sleet, or snow; a cycling jacket, for any conditions can be found within our website.

As conclusion we can say that. Cycling apparel is arguably the most important piece of equipment a cyclist can own, besides the bike. In order to ensure that you’re comfortable in your saddle, we have brought together, in our eyes, the greatest cycling apparel brands in the world to one convenient online location. You’ll find a wide range cycling jerseys, bib shorts, women’s cycling jackets, cycling shorts, and many more items that will keep you comfortable on your bike.