Curd-All In One

Curd-All In One


Curd which is also known as yogurt is the most valuable therapeutic food. Curd is a dairy product as all dairy products rich in carbohydrates this is also rich in carbohydrates. It has a high nutritional value and health benefits. Some of important benefits of curd regarding health are as follows:

Curd is very helpful in curing illness like jaundice. Many surveys results that curd is helpful in reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Curd is rich in calcium so it is beneficial for strong bones and teeth. Bacteria lies in curd help to digest food in proper manner so it cures from stomach infection. Curd is valuable for the patients of insomnia. Patient is suggested to take curd and massage it to their head will result to induce sleep.

Curd or dahi increases the pyruvic and lactic acids among children on a typical poor rice diet. People suffering from lactose intolerance should prefer curd. Take a sufficient amount of curd to your diet this will prevent you premature old age and decay. Curd could prove beneficial for the patients of osteoporosis if having daily. It relieves the patients suffering from higher level of blood cholesterol. People suffering from vaginal infection can found the easy way to have relief if they intake curd. Curd could prove beneficial for the patients of constipation and colon cancer.

Beauty Benefits Of Curd

Bacteria of curd make skin softer and glowing. It also protects the skin from sun burn. Mix the curd with flour and applies to the skin.

Curd Make Skin Softer

Leave for 15 minutes and wash the area with cold water it results to the fairer and smoother skin. Curd is the best conditioner for hair. Mix the curd and oil properly and apply it to your head. Now, leave it for 45 minutes.

Curd Conditioner For Hair

Wash it with plane water. This results to long, silky and strong hair. Massage your hair with curd it prevents dandruff from your head. Curd is useful to treat eczema and psoriasis obstinate skin disorders. As per above benefits of curd we can easily say curd is a nourishing food and also known as one of the best aid of natural good looks. That’s why curd is known as all-in–one.

Prevents Dandruff


  • Deepanjana

    i am suffering from a stomach infection and i was wondering if curd wud help me as i dont want to indulge in any kind of medicines. your article really helped me coz i got the exact thing i wanted to know + more. 🙂

  • leelavathi

    really curd relieves level of blood cholestrol how can u explain me?