Cooling Effects of Cucumber

You must have heard the famous saying- “Be cool as a Cucumber”. This saying is absolutely true as cucumber has cooling effect on the body and is thus used to cool and soothe irritated skin in people with sunburns. Along with being used externally as an effective beauty ointment due to its cooling properties, drinking a glass of cucumber juice can also help a person to get rid of his body heat. This cooling property of cucumber is generally attributed to cucurbitin and fatty oils present in its seeds which provide a soothing effect on the body when used topically. Cucumber thus acts a refreshing and a rejuvenating element which cools and soothes the entire body.

Cucumber is used in a variety of beauty products due to its anti-inflammatory, moisture-regulating, soothing and most importantly cooling property. You must have seen people applying cool slices of cucumber on their eyes after a tired day of work or after watching continuous TV. This is because cucumber helps in the overall relaxation and soothing of eyes due to its cooling property which in turn helps in eliminating all sorts of tiredness and heaviness from eyes. Moreover, the ‘cool’ cucumber is also used for the effective treatment of dark circles. The cool juices of cucumber helps the eyes to de-stress which in turn leads to the diminishing of dark eye circles.

There are many cleansers and moisturizers of cucumber available in the market and cucumber is one vegetable which is very popular in beauty treatments. Cucumber beauty products help in providing a cool and a soothing feeling to the skin along with aiding in the removal of dead skin cells. It also helps in alleviating inflammations and irritants from the skin along with acting as an excellent skin-smoother and skin conditioning agent. The cool cucumber is thus an important vegetable which can provide numerous cooling and soothing benefits to one’s skin and body.