Contagious skin conditions

There are many skin problems, which spread from one another and are said to be contagious. Some of the common contagious problems are like dandruffs, lice, etc.
Dandruffs are small white scales that typically formed in the scalp and hair. The biological term for dandruff is pityriasis.

It should not be neglected because excessive dandruff often causes baldness. The known causes of dandruff may include a lethargic condition of the scalp or poor circulation of blood, improper cleanness, injury, lack of nerve stimulation. Some of the other common reasons are the use of strong dehydrating shampoos, insufficient rinsing of the hair after a shampoo and dryness of scalp. There are two forms of dandruff a dry type, and greasy or waxy form.

Use of anti-dandruff shampoos can prevent the problem but consultation from a dermatologist should be sought in case of severe dandruff. Lice cause an animal Parasitic Infection. It is highly contagious skin problem caused by the itch mite called lice. The lice grow by feeding on the scalp. It causes itching and scratching which can cause an infection. Lice infection is very contagious. Contact, infected hats, comb, brushes and sleeping with infected person etc transmit it from one person to another. Lice die within 7 days if it is not on scalp. They survive from the heat of scalp. Nits are tiny yellow or sometimes white eggs of lice. Nits and dandruff may look alike as white particles. Lice and nits stick to the hair shaft close to the scalp and are difficult to remove as compared to dandruff.

They are very difficult to remove. It can only be removed by scraping off with nail or a special comb. Certain shampoos can be applied to kill the Lice and Nits. Warm vinegar is also very helpful in removing these parasites

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