Common Symptoms Of Dry Eyes

Symptoms Of Dry Eyes

Symptoms Of Dry Eyes Your eyes contain tear producing glands that are responsible for moisturizing, lubricating and cleansing them. When these tear producing glands do not function properly, it results in dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is very common in older people as tear producing glands are less active in aged people. Therefore, older people should take proper care of their eyes.

Decreased blinking, excessive television watching, medications like birth control pills or antihistamines, hormonal fluctuations, air conditioning and prolonged exposure to a computer monitor are some of the factors that can lead to dry eyes.

Symptoms Of Dry Eyes

Symptoms of dry eyes include burning eyes, constant itching, increased tearing, discomfort after long periods of watching television, light sensitivity, redness, a stringy discharge from the eyes and blurred vision.

Treatments For Dry Eyes

Lubricating eye drops are effective in treating dry eyes. It would be good if you consult your health care provider before buying these eye drops. You can also opt for artificial tears in place of lubricating eye drops. Dust and pollen are the major factors responsible for causing eye dryness and irritation. Getting rid of eye dryness and irritation is the first step towards treating your dry eyes. You can use air filters to free your home from these eye irritants. It is advisable to reduce the use of air conditioning in your home as it is one of the causative factors for dry eyes.

Whenever you go out of your house, wear sunglasses as these will protect your eyes from dust, pollen and harmful rays of the sun. During winter season, opt for humidifier in place of radiators and heaters. Do not forget to take regular breaks while working on computer, watching television or reading. Make sure to read a newspaper or a book with just the sufficient amount of light to care for your eyes. If you smoke then quit smoking as early as possible as it leads to dry eyes. Drink plenty of water as it will help keep your eyes moisturized.

Treatment of dry eyes is a must otherwise it could lead to complications like vision loss or eye damage. You can also suffer from severe problems like scarring, corneal infection and eye inflammation.

Problems Of  Dry Eyes


Symptoms Of Dry Eyes

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Use of anti-histamines can lead to dry eyes. You will experience irritation and redness in your eyes.


You may experience a burning sensation in your eyes due to the breakdown of the tear film which ultimately leads to a dry cornea.


Eye inflammation occurs due to lack of sufficient moisture. One of the major functions of tears is to supply nutrients to the eyes. When tear glands fail to perform their function, your eyes become red.

Blurred Vision

Due to dryness in the eyes, an irregularity can be seen on the surface of the eyes that leads to blurred vision.

Discomfort After Watching Television

Due to a decreased rate of blinking while watching television for long periods of time, you may experience discomfort and pain. Blinking is the process by which the tear film is constantly renewed. Therefore, it would be good if you increase the rate of blinking while doing your work.

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