Drinking Cold Water Vs Hot Water

Drinking Cold Water Vs Hot Water

Drinking Cold Water Vs Hot Water

Most of us drink cold water, as it is refreshing and beneficial for health as well. There is no doubt in it. However, in this article, I would make a comparative study of benefits of drinking both hot water and cold water It will help us to improve our knowledge about the need of drinking water as cold and hot.

Drinking cold water on regular basis is good, as it hydrates our body properly. In contrast to this opinion, many think that hot water cannot hydrate our body properly. However, it is a myth, rather the hot water can equally hydrate your body.

Cold water is more preferred than hot water by many. It is true that cold water gets absorbed by the body easily. It is also absorbed into the bloodstream easily than the hot water, which helps in hydrating our body system quicker. However, you should also know that hot water has its own benefits. Yes, in purifying your body, hot water can be of great help.

Drinking Water

Try to drink hot water twice a week. As you drink hot water, it increases the temperature of your body, which eventually makes your body sweat to keep the body cool. In terms of sweating, the blood streams get cleaner and the toxins get flushed out of body.

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Believe it or not, drinking hot water has also impact on our psychological aspect as well. Yes, the hot water helps in removing the deposits in our nervous system, which eventually boost your mood and mental status.

Drinking Hot Water

Another benefit of drinking hot water is that it can clear your throat and nasal cavity. Especially, if you have a cold then sip hot water for few days throughout the day and see the result. It has the capacity to bring glow to your skin as well.


  • rao

    Hot water removed deposits from nervous system???
    You guys should be prosecuted for spreading false and very harmful information.

  • Winnie

    Yes, and hot water can also prevent atherosclerosis and heart attack. In fact, hot water can open up all blood vessels in the heart that get clogged up by years of high cholesterol diet.

    And oh NO! my cardiologist friend will be out of job!

    what a quackery..

  • Alison

    Thank you for this website and I have read your comment “Cold Water Vs Hot Water”. I have a query. Do you know if when you boil water in order to have hot water to drink do the nutrients get destroyed? If yes, is it then better simply to heat the water than boil it? (I always use water from the cold tap and this water is safe.)
    Alison from Southampton, UK

  • Andryson

    how about if we mix the hot and cold water from the water dispenser to get a warm water..? i mean, my fren told me that if we mix the hot and cold water together, it can cause cancer…is that true? thanks a bunch…

  • robert

    wow i guess its good i sweat alot maybe thats why im usually healthy but thats crazy didnt know that hot water had that kind of effect on you

  • Casey Pinochi

    thank you for not bringing one shred of evidence supporting your thoughts. Like the fact that cold water constricts blood vessels thus making absorbing the water more difficult and much slower. Also, while burning more Calories, cold water takes more energy to heat up and become useful to your body resulting in more water loss, thus not hydrating as effectively.

  • jimmy

    Why did You not tell any Good things about cold water!?…

    Heres One. for dieters

    >Drinking two liters of cold water a day burns 70 calories< because your body spends energy heating it.

  • Basil

    My experience with drinking hot water has been very encouraging. Instead of using pain killers to overcome headaches drinking hot water will clear it within 5 minutes. It keeps one alert when feeling sleepy or drowsy. It improves energy level,you don’t feel tired easily you always want to work more. Drinking it consistently improves the skin, making it look youthful and beautiful. My advise is everyone should stop drinking cold water, and focus on drinking hot water, the health benefits are much.

  • hillcraft

    No, it is not true.

  • hillcraft

    I was replying to Andryson’s question if mixing hot and cold water will cause cancer? Answer is – No it doesn’t.

  • Rosie

    False, hot and cold water will not cause cancer but chances are it will 1/10 cause bladder infection. Sounds funny but true. Human body will react to raw and cook water differently than just hot or just cold. Be careful with the mixing, it’s a big no no especially with female body. Hot water can help blood flow better especially during period. Cold water will definitly gives you cramps and darker blood.

  • Hola

    So mixing cold and warm water from the dispenser is unhealthy? I always do it because I do not like cold or hot water. I like drink warm water. I need to star doing it. Thank you for the information.