Cinnamon Benefits


Cinnamon is a healthy spice, which not only adds flavor to your cooking, but makes your body healthy in a number of ways.  Cinnamon is used in traditional cures and for therapeutic purposes for a long time now.

It has been proved that this spice is a healthy one, which attacks fungi, can prevent ulcers, and is good at treating tooth and gums.

In recent times, it has been recognized as a medicine for your heart as well. Before finding out how it relieves heart related conditions, let us see why heart diseases are caused.

Common cause for heart ailments includes cigarette smoking, a major factor. Smokers tend to be at greater risk from heart related problems. Heart diseases also manifest when you suffer from high cholesterol, which is determined by age, gender, and food intake. Lack of exercise can cause heart diseases and so does obesity.

Along with the above, stress also plays an important role in causing heart ailments. Stress invites smoking habit and alcoholism, which can lead to heart diseases.

To treat heart ailments, Cinnamon is useful. It can support healthy blood glucose levels, apart from improving levels of Cholesterol. It can bring down Diabetes, due to presence of proanthricyanidin, a molecule that   activates   receptors of the Insulin, making it possible for the cells to absorb sugar for energy, and thus reducing sugar and lipid. It is well known that Diabetes and Cholesterol cause heart disease.

As a bonus, Cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties can be of great help in reducing muscle and joint pains, especially those caused by Arthritis. Studies have proved conclusively that a daily dose of Cinnamon can greatly relieve Diabetes by bringing down blood glucose levels.

It also helps in improving circulation of blood and digestive process, and bring succor from stomach disorders. Daily intake of Cinnamon can also help relieve women from pains related to the menstruation period.

It is a proven fact that Cinnamon can provide a number of benefits for your health and add to your welfare. The best way to consume Cinnamon is either to use its supplements or consume a little extra Cinnamon than the normal.