Chicken Soup Can Help Fight High Blood Pressure


It has been discovered that the protein in chicken breast is a contributor in acting as an ACE inhibitor. This, in turn, has been linked to chicken soup helping to fight high blood pressure. Who would have thought that the home remedy for the common cold could also help to fight high blood pressure?

There was an actual article published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry on this finding. The article states that chicken breast has proteins of collagen in it, which is the contributor for the ACE inhibitors.

Unfortunately, there is not enough of the collagen in the chicken breast that can be used to make any type of medication to fight this off. They say that chicken is a good part of your diet, so maybe we should eat more chicken soup.

This is just one more example of how we need to change our eating habits and eat healthier. Maybe if we paid more attention to the way we eat we would have less health problems. There was a test conducted using rats to see of the collagen actually did help with the problem of high blood pressure and it did in fact help them.

As stated earlier, there is not enough that can be used to help humans. Maybe one day doctors and scientists will find a way to harness this good protein to be able to help the human race fight one more disease that wreaks havoc on us.

As it stands, there are medications that you can get from your doctor to help keep your high blood pressure under control. You also need to watch your diet as well. Maybe if you add a little chicken soup to your diet with your medication, your blood pressure will stay controlled a little better.

So, when our moms tell us to eat better, we should listen a little more. Try to keep an open mind when it comes to home remedies since they may have more than one use and method.

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