Chances Of Conceiving Twins Or Multiple Births

World is fascinated how the twins come on the earth. Many people shiver to think about having twins or multiple babies, as care of more than one child is little problematic to them. It is difficult to handle two or more child same time.

The odds of having twins are determined by various factors. Today the number of twins and other multiple pregnancies has been on the rise. The rate has increased about 60% if compared to 1980. About one birth in 32 is twin or multiple births. There are some common factors that increase the chances of conceiving twins or multiple births.

Having Pregnancy Pills– Most of the females are taking pills or fertility drugs to help them conceive. This method is giving way to chances of having multiple births or twins.

Age Matters– Age of pregnant lady could be a factor of having multiple children. If the mother is of 35-45 age the chances of having multiple baby increases then. About 17% of ladies who are more than 45 give birth to multiple children.

If Mother Is Fraternal– If the pregnant lady having twin brother or sister then her chances of giving birth to twin children increases. The fact behind this is they carry the gene for what is medically called hyper ovulation. If a fraternal mother gives birth to twin child next time her chances of giving birth to twin child increases in that case.

Mother Is Overweight Or Tall– If the pregnant lady is either overweight or tall her chances of giving birth to twin child increases in that case. It has been found that mothers who have a BMI of 30 or higher, or who are tall, have more chances to deliver fraternal twins.

Diet Of Yams And Dairy– A survey concludes that ladies who eat dairy products five times a day having more chances of giving birth to twins. If a pregnant lady is taking Yam (sweet potato) in her diet have more chances of giving birth to multiple children as peeling of the potato releases the chemical that causes hyper ovulation.

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