Chair Aerobics- A Type Of Sitting Aerobics

Chair aerobic-a type of sitting aerobic, is an aerobic exercise where participants perform the different exercises while sitting on chair. Chair aerobics benefits to those who are suffering from cardio problems, diabetes, pain in joints and bones and facing heart disease. These exercises aim to give a complete workout while limiting the stress and strain on joints. Follow the exercises mentioned below:

Heel Toe– Put your right heel forward, your left foot should be in place and heel on the floor. Alternately combine with arms. Put one of your arms to front and other to side. Alternately keep on doing the practice.

Jumping Jacks-Sit straight on the chair and place your feet flat and wide apart for stability on the floor. Lift both of your feet, cross them in the air. Place them on the floor with one foot in front of other. Lift them and bring them back to starting position.

Shoulder Circles 360 Degrees-Take a flexaband. Grasp each end of flexaband with one hand. Extend one of your arm extend to the shoulder height. Now, anchor the second hand near to your shoulder. Circle the extended arm up over your head. Keep circling the 360 degree until you have passed the starting point 3-10 times. Repeat the whole process in reverse direction.

Arm Forward And Backward-Take a flexaband and grasp the ends of flexaband. The closer together your hands are the greater the resistance. Extend one of your arms forward at the shoulder height. Anchor the other hand by placing it against the chest. Swing the forward arm out to the side and then back again. Repeat the process in forward position.

The above mentioned exercises are beneficial for all people of all conditions but some of the tips given below help you to do safe exercise in summers:

• In summers, especially in the months of May, June and July temperature goes very high sometimes. It would prove better if you practice these exercises indoors and if outdoor exercise is must; try to do early morning or do it after having evening meals.

• Always wear loose fitted, comfortable and light colored clothes as they recommend to aid in heat loose.

• Drink plenty of water. In summers there is a high risk of dehydration and if you don’t drink much water you will dehydrated. Drink at least 15-20 glasses of water daily.

• Always start exercise with 10-15 warm-ups and finish exercise with another 5-10 minutes cool down.