Carrot Soup With Fresh Ginger Recipe


Would you like to have the taste of soup which has ginger and carrot?  Soup is a good starter and it really makes you feel fresh and good. It removes tiredness from your body, especially in winter you just feel like sitting cozy in the room and sipping a soup. So, just learn this recipe to make you feel great in this extreme weather. Add spice to your life with the soup.

Take table spoon of butter to make cream carrot, take two table spoon of carrot peeled ones, three leek sliced in a half lengthwise, clean it properly. Then take one yam peeled one, take four celery stalks and one three inch pinch of fresh ginger washed and ground properly. Black pepper one table spoon, one table spoon ground nutmeg and a half pt cream and make sure it should be heavy.

Since you have completed the collections of the ingredients so now learn the tips how to prepare the soup. Take a large pot and let the water boil, pour water as per the requirement. Now chop all vegetables while the water or stock is getting boiled. Take a sauce pan and over med high heat and melt butter.

Start sauté vegetables with ginger and nutmeg atleast for fifteen minutes and add the remaining butter on it. Now put sauté vegetables to stock and reduce the flame, cover with lid properly and cook for thirty minutes.  Now remove the stock and let it cool down in room temperature and puree in a blender. Soup should be thick and thick. Add salt pepper as per the requirement.

When you are about to serve preheat the soup in bowels and then drizzle one tablespoon of cream into each bowel. Now ready to serve.

Keep your family and yourself warm and fresh. Soup is also great starter.