Cancer Prevention Diet

Many experts conclude that quarter of the patients of cancer died of unhealthy diet and obesity. You can reduce the risk of having cancer by taking a cancer prevention diet that is rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, saturated fat and red meat. Some of the effective diets are mentioned below that can help you lower the risk of cancer.

Cancer Prevention Diet:

Alcohol-Alcohol raises the risk of cancers of mouth, throat, voice box, liver and breast. People who are habitual of taking alcohol should leave or even cut down the intake amount of alcohol of up to 2 drinks per day for men and 1 per day for women.

Tobacco– The combination of drinking alcohol and tobacco increases the risk of cancer more than drinking or smoking alone. If a women regularly take alcohol every day the risk of having breast cancer increases most.

Limit Salty Food– A cancer patient should limit the amount of salt in his/her diet. Salt and salt preservers are the main cause of stomach cancer. One who wants to lower down the risk of having cancer should limit the amount of sodium 2400mg a day.

Eat Leafy and Plant Based Foods– one should aim 5 starchy fruits and vegetables every day. Potato, sweet potato, yam and cassava are some food items that should not count in the food. One should limit the amount of grains in diet and includes legumes or white grains in every meal.

Fish– Eating fish may reduce the risk of having cancer. You can eat fish instead of red and processed meat. Whenever you poached, baked or steamed replace meat with fish.

Fibrous Food-Fiber rich food can reduce the risk of having bowel cancer. You can add fruits and vegetables rich in fiber in your diet. You can also add whole grains, cereals, whole meal, brown rice, pulses and whole grain bread to prevent cancer.

Vitamins and MineralsVitamins and minerals, such as folate, selenium, calcium, and vitamins A, C and E, could reduce your risk of many cancers. It is likely that you need a combination of all of them.

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