Calorie Burning: How Can It Help You Be More Energetic

Calorie Burning

The amount of energy stored in your body can be calculated easily in terms of calories. Calories tend to transcend food values to energy and this includes the combination of calories in proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

This processing of energy takes place in combination with oxygen. Gaining or losing weight depends entirely on the balance between your consumption and burning of calories. 2000 calories is the average rate of metabolism.

Burning calories doesn’t necessarily mean that you have go for rigorous workouts and do heavy gym exercises. Even a simple walk on your lawn with your push mower plays an important role in helping you lose some extra calories. If you do not want to feel lethargic, then keep your body always in the moving order. What can be better than taking frequent brisk walking breaks instead of going for junk food breaks, which mostly serves to add to your calories?

Even if you are watching television, no one has set the rules that you have to sit and watch T.V. You can continue with your regular household chores and watch T.V at the same time. That way you wouldn’t feel depressed about adding to the extra flesh around your hips or thighs. Taking the stairs is always a healthy practice as taking the escalator and the elevator tends to spoil your habit largely.

Going for regular evening walks is a good way to drive out the feeling of lethargy and drowsiness that affects most of us after coming back from office or from college. The stretching exercises during the leisure hours, not only helps to burn the extra calories but also helps you to maintain the body flexibility.

Most of us think that participating in outdoor games with the kids is just a waste of time, but it is actually a very refreshing means to exercise as your body burns many calories and you feel more active.

A simple trick to energize your body for burning more calories is to drink refrigerated water before and after exercises. While walking, bending your elbows and moving them rigorously also promotes loss of calories.