Calisthenics Exercise Type Of Physical Exercise

Calisthenics exercises are type of physical exercise which closely related to gymnastics. Bodybuilding calisthenics exercises uses only the weight of your own body as resistance to develop the ability to squat, reach, twist, lunge, jump, land, push and get up and down… all the physical abilities you need to meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence. These type of exercises concentrate on specific area of body. Some of the exercises are mentioned below:

Basic Crunch-
• Lie straight on your back.
• Your knees should bent and feet should flat on floor.
• Place your fingertips behind your ears, or cross your arms across your chest.
• Contract your abdominal muscles and tilt your pelvis up toward your knees.
• Raise your shoulder upwards so that the angle between your head and floor will be 35-45degrees.
• Don’t bend your back out of normal posture as it may cause injury.
• Slowly lower down your arms to the normal position.
• Beginners should use 10-15 repetitions.

Reverse Crunches-
• Lie on your back and your thighs should be vertical.
• Keep your feet as close to your pelvic as possible.
• Move your knees towards your chest, so that your hips may raise something from ground.
• Stay for few minutes and return your knees and thighs to the normal position.
• One repetition will be complete when you return to the original position.
• Doing the movements in faster repetition is better for endurance.