Calcium – The Secret of Good Health


calcium Have you ever wondered why your neighbor tumbled down the stairs and got away unscathed without a single bone broken, and yet you tripped over a small boulder and landed up with a fracture? Or why you constantly have a problem with pains and aches, and your spouse does not. Could it be that your neighbor has healthy bones and you have weak and fragile bones?

The answer to the question lies in the quantity of calcium in your body. There is a certain requirement of calcium in the body. If that requirement is not met, the result is weak bones with a greater probability of breaking them.

Besides this, there is a host of other diseases, which can be prevented, with a proper intake of calcium such as colon cancer, kidney stones, weak teeth, osteoporosis etc.

What is your calcium level dependant on? There are many factors, which contribute to this level. Children need calcium for growth of bones. Adults need calcium to strengthen the bones.

As women age their level of calcium drops but the required need for intake increases. This results in weak bones. After menopause, because the calcium level drops, many women land up with osteoporosis. This is a hormonal change. But sometimes, even in younger children the level of calcium dips.

The reason why many do not have the required calcium in their bodies is because they do not have a proper intake of calcium. The food they eat is not rich in calcium. They probably ingest a lot of ‘calcium killers’ like caffeinated beverages, coffee, tea, salt and a high fat diet to name a few.

Doctors have discovered that women who suffer from thinness of the bones have a higher chance of suffering from fractures. Thinness of the bones results in bones becoming brittle and hence fractures become more probable.

Hence, what is the solution? Eat a diet rich in calcium, right from a very young age. Yogurt, milk, cheese, salmon, sardines, peas, spinach, broccoli, and almond, etc are rich sources of calcium and must be ingested in proper amounts at different stages in life. This will ensure healthy bones, and in turn beautiful bodies.

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