Cake Baking Tips: Bake That Scrumptious Christmas Cake!

The holidays are upon us once again, and we find ourselves in the kitchen baking everything under the sun. It is our job, so to speak, to make those cookies, pies and cakes that everyone looks forward to each and every year. Trying to get that cake to turn out just perfect can sometimes seem like such a trial.

There are a few things you can do in order to ensure your family and friends will ask for your recipe and a slice of that cake time and time again. We love to see that our efforts don’t go unappreciated.

You want to make sure that you always use top of the line bake ware. This will ensure great results. The last thing you want is for your cake to come out lopsided or even burnt. One of the worst things that can happen is for it to stick to the bottom of the pan.

It is also important to keep the ingredients at room temperature. This goes right down to the butter. After you get the pan into the oven, make sure that there is 2 inches or more of space between the pan and the oven walls. Another great help is to have the ingredients measured out ahead of time. Not only is this a great time saver but also you can mix and bake.

Did your mom ever yell at you for opening the oven door when she was baking? That was for good reason. The temperature needs to stay consistent for the cake to turn out just right. Watch your time. If you don’t already have one, invest in a digital timer. It will be your new best friend.

Follow the directions and use the right size pan. This will keep your cake from overflowing or turning out flat. And, don’t forget to grease and dust the pans. There is nothing like trying to take the cake out of the pan and leaving the bottom behind. The best pans to use are aluminum or non-stick gray metal pans.

Last but not least, you will know that your cake is done when a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean as a whistle. Follow these simple tips and your cake is sure to be a hit.