Cabbage Soup


Many people look at cabbage soup as a way of reducing weight to attain a perfect figure. While cabbage soup leads to the process of weight loss, one need not starve oneself for this purpose. The cabbage soup weight reduction programs which are there in the market promise a lot of health benefits in terms of weight management but one need not ignore a well balanced diet as one’s body requires all the essential nutrients to remain healthy and fit. While cabbage soup cannot be considered as a complete balanced diet, it is nutritious enough and provides various benefits to a person in context of health and fitness.

Cabbage soup
is a low calorie soup and can thus help a person to remain fit along with providing health benefits. Moreover, this soup can be easily made at home by following the given procedure. To prepare a simple and a healthy cabbage soup at home, one should cut 25 gm of cabbage, 225 gm of bottle gourd, 2 medium sized onions and 2 potatoes. Then one should add these cut vegetables into a pressure cooker along with 7 cups of water and cook it. Then in a pan, add all finely cut and chopped vegetables and cook for at least 20 minutes. Add salt and black pepper according to taste and serve it hot.

Cabbages are healthy due to the presence of vitamin C and E. Though it is rich in vitamins, minerals and even omega 3 fatty acids, one cannot take this as a staple diet as it completely lacks calories and some amount of fat is required by the body for its optimum functioning. Thus, eating only cabbage soup can definitely affect one’s health and thus to attain the maximum benefits of cabbage soup, one should consume it but along with including other food items in one’s diet so that the body remains well nourished.